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Men’s Clothing brands every man should know about 

Men's Clothing brands
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Clothing brands every man should know about 

Men’s fashion has seen increased popularity in recent years, and being fashionable as a male has become important in modern-day society. The jungle that is men’s fashion can be hard to navigate, which is why this article exists. This article seeks to show and explain Men’s Clothing brands every man needs to know about. These brands contain pieces that are timeless and can be used for more than one season. 

Men's Clothing brands
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

But also remember that style is subjective and more important than buying the right brands is to buy the right fit. A smart and expensive suit is nothing if it doesn’t fit you right – going into a casino with a poorly fitted suit isn’t going to work to your advantage, and you should have stayed home on a casino website.

Men’s Clothing brands | Aimé Leon Dore 

Aimé Leon Dore is a New York-based brand that contains all the staples of the menswear wardrobe. The brand is a fairly young one being started in 2014 by Teddy Santis in Queens, New York. Quickly the brand got traction in the New York community by mixing different colors to perfection on simple silhouettes of clothing. 

The brand is inspired by classic hip hop and basketball like most other brands from New York, but Santis mixed that with the experience of living in Greece for some time. That inspiration led to a brand that has grown to become a safe staple when it comes to menswear in 2020. The brand has become both incorporated as streetwear and classic menswear because of their collaborations with New Balance. The marketing campaign for the collab is one of the coolest to have seen in the fashion industry. Showing older adults wearing Aimé Leon Dore clothing while wearing the sneaker collab makes some of the best pictures in fashion in recent history. 

When it comes to the cloth, the brand has evolved a lot but has stayed close to their roots: mixing sweatpants and classic coats with bright and risky colors and New Balance Sneakers. 

Human Made 

Nigo is, for most people, an unknown person. But for the menswear and streetwear community, he is a legend. Nigo started his fashion career with BAPE. A Bathing Ape became on the biggest trends in the early and mid-’00s and was worn by Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, among others. The company was sold in 2011, and after that, he started Human Made. Human Made has since been one of many brands that Nigo works on. He is the creative director of Uniqlo’s UT Brand and helped Pharrel Williams start Billionaire Boy Club and Ice Cream. All of these brands are worth checking out, but Human Made has it’s shown why it is a legendary brand from a legendary designer. 

Human Made is almost a culture in itself. The brand makes clothing, furniture, and small objects that decorate the home. Human Made is mostly known for its t-shirts and workwear-inspired jackets – similar to Carhart. Their t-shirts have recurring motives such as “Curry it up,” polar bears, The Beatles, and big logo branding. Human Made is a very productive band and doesn’t fit the rest of the fashion industry. They work in a seasonal sense but drop small collections and items throughout the weeks and months. In that way, the brand stays fresh and up to date.

Minimum – danish clothing company 

The minimum is a danish brand founded in 1997 that has spent their years supplying men with cheap options to their closets. Minimum does precisely what the name indicates – strips it to the bare minimum. This means that if you are looking for clothing that can be used every season of every year and want an easy time creating an outfit – Minimum is a brand to look for. 

Branding creates what is known around the world as Nordic minimalism. Their silhouettes are simple pieces, and their signature clothing piece is the striped t-shirt. Their bottoms are often suited pants, or simple blue washed jeans or black jeans. 

Set in the heart of the Danish city Aarhus, Minimum has hit stores all over the country and is in a lot of European webshops.

Common Projects – shoes for the young gentleman 

It would be wrong not to include a sneaker brand in this article on Men’s Clothing brands. Common Projects is the leading provider of white sneakers for everyday men. Their leatherwork is superior to most sneaker brands in the business currently, and with their evergreen-like and straightforward style, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Common Projects. The shoes are quite expensive, but there are cheaper options that almost look the same. Norse Projects is a good alternative if common projects are too expensive.