Home Advice What Are 10 Recommendations in Christian Marriage to Obey God?

What Are 10 Recommendations in Christian Marriage to Obey God?

What Are 10 Recommendations in Christian Marriage to Obey God?
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Do you want to receive a true blessing from the Lord? Do you like a girl from your church but do not know whether it is from God? Check our pieces of advice about Christian marriage to keep in mind and use practically. 

Why is Christian marriage different? 

Christian marriage is specific because you need to follow particular rules when dating your potential bride. You might use Christian dating sites for marriage, but the same rules are still to be followed. Let’s review most of them and the pieces of advice if it comes to Christian arranged marriage.

Christian pieces on marriage advice: 

Advice 1. No sex before marriage. 

If you need some Christian marriage help, the first thing you are supposed to keep in mind is the fact that you should not have premarital sex with your female partner before you put a ring on her finger and register your marriage legally. Note that not only is sex not allowed before you marry her, but any kind of physical relationships like kissing and hugs is still unwelcome.

Advice 2. Wait till the preacher blesses you. 

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One of the essential things regarding Christian marriage is that you should receive a blessing from your priest in your local church you both go to. You should inform them in advance and tell whether your intentions to marry are serious. Sometimes, your priest might ask you to have a counseling session with the consultants in marriage. They will either bless you to have a marriage or not let you make one of the biggest mistakes in your life. 

Advice 3. You should be best friends with her. 

No matter whether you found her on one of the Christian dating websites or in your local church, you should be best friends before you marry her. This is the only possible way your relationship with her should develop. Only this scenario is acceptable before the priest blesses you officially in front of the whole church. Of course, there should be chemistry between you; therefore, you might want to marry her, but this is not the most important thing, after all.

Advice 4. Take some time to test your feelings.

Take time to test your feelings
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Even if you think that you are mature enough and ready to have a serious relationship with your bride, the counselor might ask you to spend some time far away from each other to test your feelings. For instance, the priest might send you on a mission to another country so that there would be a distance between you and her. Do not ignore this opportunity to make sure your feelings are real because if they are, you will love your partner even stronger when there is a distance between you and her.

Advice 5. You should know how to serve.

Service is a very important thing in Christianity. If you can serve and help other people in your local church, you might be happy in the relationship. According to Christian doctrine, if you are good at serving in church, you will receive the blessing from the Lord and the priest. If you can please God, it means you will be able to make your partner happy as well. Therefore, most priests recommend young people serve in the church before finding a girl to marry. First and foremost, every person must be able to serve the Lord. For instance, you might sing in a choir or clean the church, but you should do it with passion from all your heart. 

Advice 6. You must have a relationship with God and get a revelation from Him. 

One of the most important things you must have is your relationship with the Lord God Almighty. You should live a life of prayer and communicate with Him every day. Once you have a personal relationship with God, you should ask Him to give you a revelation about your bride. Wait for Him to show you His plans for you and give you a sign about your ideal partner from Him, not just the one you choose by the flesh. You will only be happy completely with a person from Him, not from your own choice.  

Advice 7. You and your partner must be both Christians. 

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If you are a believer, but she is not, the priest will not bless you, no matter how much you love each other. Both of you should be Christians and, ideally, serve in the same church. If you do not want to have conflicts with your wife, you would better decide which church to go to with her before you marry.

Advice 8. You both should be ready to settle down. 

By settling down, we mean the ability to earn money. You must have enough experience and skills to earn money. If your partner gets pregnant or ill, you must be ready to work harder to be a breadwinner in your family. It is not only a rule of thumb for a man. 

Advice 9. You should have the same vision about the future with her.

In other words, both you and she must have the same or at least similar plans for the future. For instance, you should dream about the same number of kids, the place you will live in, and even the country you want to settle down in. You would better check it out with her before you propose to her.

Advice 10. Love each other. 

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Last but not least important piece of advice is to love each other. If you notice that she lies and is not a loyal friend, it would better to avoid building a serious relationship with her. Do not even think that you will change your partner when you marry. Also, you should be ready for the fact that your female partner might change the way she looks when she, for example, gets pregnant or ill. You must be able to love her and be loyal to her. 

What is the most important thing in a Christian marriage? 

The best thing you should keep in mind is that you must love God and serve Him. The second person you must love is you. Then, your partner and family must come, ideally. If you change this hierarchy, you might suffer. Suffering is not the thing God truly expects to give you in your relationship because the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is enough. If you learn to love God and yourself, you will be able to love other people. However, do not confuse love for yourself with egoism because these are two different things.  

What is the difference between egoism and love for yourself? 

If a person is egoistic, he or she is focused too much on themselves. However, if a person loves themself, they would concentrate on Jesus Christ and follow His teachings. If you manage to love yourself just like Christ has taught you to do it, you will be happy and love your wife and kids. 

To conclude 

Being a Christian does not mean that your life will be harder. On the contrary, Jesus Christ has done everything to make your burden lighter. If you agree to do His work, He will bless your life, and you will be the happiest person in the world because you will know how to love and accept love from others.   

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