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Understanding How to Find Rental Homes

The home rental market varies across Australia depending on where you live. But, in general, finding rental homes isn’t easy. Rental prices in the main cities aren’t cheap, with Sydney purported to have the second highest rent in the world.

Good rentals are also snapped up very quickly if you’re not on the ball, leaving many people wondering – how to find houses for rent that are in their price range and with decent living conditions?

While you do have your work cut out for you with renting, it’s not all bad news if you have some know-how. Here are 6 suggestions on how to find rental homes that can help tip the odds in your favor.

1 Regularly search rental listings or get notified

Be aware that you may have to view quite a few rental listings before you get chosen. You need to be proactive in searching for prospective rental listings online. Sign up to get daily email alerts or download an app and set it up to notify you when rental homes are listed that match your search criteria.

2 Search sites that have owner listings

Domain.com.au and RealEstate.com.au, are the two largest real estate search engines in Australia. But that means everyone else will be looking on there too so expect high competition for the good rentals. You might have more luck with Gumtree which is more owner listings than agency managed rentals.

3 Go local

Do visit Bricks+Agents or local real estate agents in the area you’re looking to live and let them know you’re after a good rental home. Rather than being one of a long list of faceless enquiries, you’ll be more remembered if they’ve met you face to face. If something crops up, then you’re ahead of the pack if your name’s already on their books.

4 Have all your paperwork prepared

The rental market moves incredibly quickly so you have to be super prepared with all the necessary paperwork. Sign up to 1Form which helps you manage tenancy applications and reduce time when you’re applying for multiple properties. It has all your personal details, employment history and references on file and you can even send off an application before the open for inspection.

5. Go to mid-week inspections

If you’re a student, in-between jobs, a stay at home mum or a freelancer this might be easier, but it can be worth scheduling time off work to visit mid-week inspections. That way you can snap something up before the Saturday viewing. Remember to give yourself time to see a few listings and map your route, you won’t get long at each inspection.

6 Find Rental Homes – Jump on it

If you’re looking with a partner, split up viewings to cover more ground. Be clear about what constitutes a ‘yes’ property and stay in mobile contact so either one of you can jump on it and let the other know quickly. Both of you signing agreements without the other knowing may mean ending up with two rental homes!