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Top Tips for Decorating a Stylish Game Room

A dedicated game room is fun to decorate and furnish. You can set it up so there is a space for everyone, no matter what their preferences are when it comes to gaming. If you don’t have enough space for an exclusive game room, there is no need to worry; you can transform a corner of your living room into a game area that can be set up when needed and tucked away again out of sight when you wish. Here are a few essentials every gentleman needs for a great game room experience.

Affordable style

Technology is not cheap, so you’ll want to create the most comfortable room you can without breaking the bank. Screens, consoles and all the consumables are a given for high-tech gaming. However, in a family home, you may also want to provide facilities for more traditional pastimes such as doing puzzles or playing board games.


Seating is an important factor, and using several alternative styles will suit people playing two- or three-person video games, as well as those who like a solo experience at desk level. Comfortable sofas are ideal for multiple players, while stylish ergonomic chairs make sitting at a desk or workstation more comfortable. Make sure furniture is robust enough to withstand excitable players bouncing up and down as they do battle in their virtual world.

Many game rooms also have cheap but sleek gaming chairs that are rockers and a range of giant floor cushions. These are relatively cheap and may be preferred to a shared sofa. Consult with the people who are most likely to use your game room, and try out a few in the stores to see which type of seating suits you best.


Gaming exposes you to a considerable amount of glare from screens, so it is important to protect your eyes by getting the lighting right. Staring at a bright screen in a completely dark room is definitely not recommended.

During daylight hours, don’t use window drapes as a blackout and then turn on artificial lighting. This is an expensive option in terms of electricity costs if you are using the room for hours at a time. Instead, the best solution is to fit wooden shutters, especially the type with movable slats so you can control the precise amount of daylight to give you the best gaming experience. These are an affordable option and will look superb in your game area as they come in a range of finishes and colors.

During the evening, you need to consider artificial lighting, which should be ambient as well as background. This means that to light the room adequately, you need some overhead lighting – perhaps controllable with a dimmer switch – and some lighting in one or more recesses such as accent spotlights, particularly if a large screen dominates the space.

Floor space and storage

In most cases, game rooms have hard flooring to accommodate chairs or portable units on castors. You can always dress up a bare floor with a few imaginative area rugs; consider rugs shaped like a jigsaw puzzle or a hopscotch game if you have younger kids. Older children might prefer themes such as Star Wars or their favorite video game.

Organizing your videos, DVDs or board games is a matter of personal taste. A floor-to-ceiling bookcase can look really good when stocked with your belongings, and simple ones are relatively easy to make or cheap to buy. Freestanding units can be fun, such as making or buying a colorful cabinet that looks like a Rubik’s Cube, and this can also double as extra seating.

Storage for refreshments needs some thought. If children have access to the room, it’s best to keep any alcohol safely locked away. A mini fridge is a good idea for children’s drinks and snacks and for making ice, and you can get versions with a chalk board on the front door. Alternatively, you can just buy a cheap, compact refrigerator and add the chalkboard yourself.

Convertible spaces

Finally, it is certainly true that in many homes, an existing living room is already arranged in such a way that the focus is on the television. The great thing about this is that existing seating plans can often be left unchanged, perhaps with a desk and chair simply slotted into a corner for additional gaming. If you add a frame with colored lighting around the television and a standard floor lamp, you will get the lighting right for gaming. Remember to keep your space uncluttered by including storage for your gaming accessories.