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The Ultimate Date: How to Take Her Out Like a Boss

When love strikes, you just know. It’s a wonderful feeling created by an irresistible cocktail of chemicals in our brain – adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin – that makes your heart beat faster and your mind think of nothing else than the object of your desire. And you want nothing more than to spend every waking minute with her.

Whether you’re planning the perfect first date to woo the girl of your dreams, showering love and attention on your steady girlfriend, or you’re engineering the ideal setting in which to propose marriage, it’s essential to create the right conditions for the best possible day together. When it comes to love, nothing else matters.

For argument’s sake, let’s also assume that money is no object for you to make the extraordinary come true for your date together – and suddenly a wealth of romantic possibilities are opening up. If you’ve ever watched an episode of the American reality TV series The Millionaire Matchmaker, you will have seen exactly how it’s done: Send flowers and a stretch limo to collect your date, then whisk her off in your private jet to an exotic location for an exciting day out followed by exclusive dining in a 5 star restaurant. Happy days.

Of course, you may not have the trappings of a millionaire lifestyle at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean that your date has to be any less extravagant. Here are some useful tips on how to impress your girlfriend and create the ultimate romantic and memorable day for both of you.

Drive of your life


Why walk when you can drive? And we say drive, we’re not talking about a Nissan Micra or a Ford Focus, however freshly valeted. Go for glamour and thrill your girl with a cool set of wheels to take your relationship up a gear.

Why not hire a classic car for the day and pick her up in an iconic 1969 MG Roadster, a Caterham Super 7 or a 1978 Chevrolet Corvette from across the pond? If high performance supercars are more your (or her!) thing, you could rock up in an Aston Martin DB9, a Bentley Continental GT, or a Mercedes SLS AMG complete with gullwing doors!

Take it from us: The combination of a head-turning girl in a traffic stopping car will make you the envy of every man in town. Feel the wind in your hair and your foot on the floor as you speed off into the beautiful English countryside to enjoy a gourmet lunch with the girl of your dreams. What could be better?

Flying high


Why not offer your date the unforgettable experience of a sightseeing flight, admiring the view from up high? Lift her heart higher with a trip in a chartered plane, helicopter or hot air balloon.

There are plenty of companies offering this luxury service, so thankfully there’s no need to have your own plane! How about discovering the London skyline by helicopter together, taking a trip over the Lake District or even going to see the Northern Lights? You’ll be making memories already.

Also available are complete ‘experience’ packages containing the flight, a luxury lunch or dinner, and sometimes an activity too. You can arrange for a private helicopter charter for lunch in the beautiful Cotswolds. Better still, why not ask your lovely lady to have her passport ready and whisk her away to an impromptu lunch in a Michelin starred restaurant in Bruges (Belgium), Le Touquet (Normandy) or Paris? You’ll be travelling by private jet, of course.

For the ultimate day out, this special VIP experience is one neither of you will forget in a hurry: Take champagne breakfast on a private charter flight to the South of France where a luxury coach will be waiting to take you to Monaco. When you arrive, take your reserved seats on the famous Grandstand K for the Monaco Grand Prix – the most glamorous and prestigious date on the Formula One calendar – and enjoy a day’s adrenaline fuelled excitement together. Dinner is served on the return flight. Guaranteed to turbocharge your romance – wouldn’t you agree?

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with UK experience day provider Into the Blue.

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