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Are You Struggling in a Sexless Marriage?

When a couple first gets together or first gets married, their sex life tends to be awesome. However, as many people already know, this can dwindle over time and while some couples do remain sexually active, there are others who find themselves living in a sexless marriage as time goes on. This is something that can occur for one of a range of reasons but, if you are not happy with the situation, it is important to take action.

Many people simply put up with living in a marriage with no sex. While they may manage for a while, unless this is something that has been happily agreed upon by both parties, things can start to become really tough in the relationship. With one person wanting intimacy and the other refusing it, all sorts of issues can arise unless you take action to get it sorted out.

Some of the Steps You Can Take

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There are various steps that you can take in order to address issues in a sexless relationship. The first thing you need to do is talk openly and honestly to your partner. It may be that the sex disappeared from the relationship gradually and you have never talked about it with one another. It may be that you decided after talking not to have sex in the marriage, but this has proven too difficult for you. Whatever, the situation, it is vital that you speak to one another in order to get it resolved otherwise, you will simply be going around in circles.

Another thing you can consider is seeking professional help in the form of a sex therapist. There are cases where the sex disappears from the marriage, but the couple are still very much in love. There could be any number of reasons behind the disappearance of sex from your relationship, and a good professional will be able to help you to find the root cause of the problem so that you can work on it as a couple. Many people find that a professional and experienced therapist really helps them both in terms of communicating about sex and also in terms of getting things back on track.

One of the other things you need to do is try to put time aside to help the romance and magic of your relationship reappear. Many couples these days are so busy they barely get time to see one another, which is never ideal for those that want to increase sex in a relationship. So, try and have a date night each week, book romantic trips and weekends away, and spend quality time with just the two of you enjoying one another’s company.

One thing you do need to remember is that lack of sex in a marriage can be down to more than just needs and desire. There may be a valid reason why your partner has gone off having sex, and this could be a medical reason. So, before you jump to any conclusions, this is something else you may want to investigate with a medical professional after talking things over with your partner.

Get Things Back on Track

By taking the right steps and seeing the right help, you can get things back on track with far greater ease. Of course, you cannot expect miracles and expect your partner to become a nymphomaniac overnight. However, taking these steps will definitely increase the chances of you getting things back on track when it comes to the sex in your marriage. This is why they are steps that are well worth taking.

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