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Tips to avoid accidents while driving

avoid accidents while driving
Image by Vladyslav Topyekha from Pixabay

Tips to avoid accidents while driving

If you drive a car, it’s essential to realize that some accidents are unavoidable. Even the best driver could be involved in an accident if the other driver was at fault. According to injury attorney Stacy Kemp, drivers involved in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence may be entitled to compensation. That’s why it’s crucial to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Let review tips to help you avoid accidents while driving. 

When you are on the road, it’s essential to make sure that you are observing all the rules. Doing so will allow you to avoid being at-fault for an accident. Below are tips to help you avoid getting into accidents and driving safely:

avoid accidents while driving
Image by Vladyslav Topyekha from Pixabay

Try not to exceed the speed limit

Driving over the speed limit isn’t just illegal— it’s dangerous too. Driving at 60mph where the cut-off is 50mph may save you 20 minutes, but it increases the odds of an accident. The faster you drive, the more time the car takes to slow down when you apply the brakes. Additionally, it lowers the time you have to respond to the unexpected, for example, an inattentive pedestrian or an animal.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a safer and practical approach to prevent accidents. Always be alert and anticipate what other drivers will do. Avoid obstructing the way or blocking the entry of a vehicle, as it will increase an accident’s chances. Be cooperative with heavy-duty vehicle drivers and tailgaters. Clear a path for them by securely changing to an alternate route to overtake you. Make sure to look out for different vehicles and use indicators to communicate your intent.

Train for poor climate conditions

Even if you feel confident about driving on a dry road, it’s ideal to limit your driving in awful climate conditions until you’ve had some practice. 

Here are some great tips for driving in the rain. When you feel your tires slipping in the rain, take your foot off the gas with the wheel straight until your car reclaims traction. Tap on the brakes gently; make sure not to stomp on the brake as this will only cause spin to get out of control. Most important, don’t use cruise control when it is raining. Cruise control not only reducing your attentiveness but can force your car to accelerate in cases of hydroplaning. 

Avoid cell phones!

texting and driving
Photo by Alexandre Boucher on Unsplash

There is no reason to text or call while you are driving. Use a hands-free mode to manage music. Avoid taking any calls, if at all possible. Doing so will divert your attention from your driving. Set the mobile aside, and make sure it is on silent, so you don’t have the desire to respond to it if it rings. If you need to make an urgent call, park the car on the road’s side and then take the call.

Distraction-free driving

Pay attention to the road. Don’t play overly loud music, eat food, smoke, apply makeup, text, or do whatever occupies you while driving. Distracted driving leads to extreme accidents. It delays your response and causes 90% of rear-end accidents.