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Top Tips On Becoming A More Interesting Man

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Deep down everyone, man or woman, fears being mundane. Being the least interesting person in the room is a title no one would ever want to be stuck with. If you’re a man who worries that he’s lacking in charm and charisma, then check out these top tips to becoming a more interesting human being and stepping out from the shadow of ‘boring’.

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Retain A Little Of The Mystery

As tempting as it is to document your entire life on social media, not everyone needs to know about every meal you had, every conversation you participated in and every thought that crossed your mind.

By keeping a little back, you’ll have much more to talk about and find yourself looking forward to sharing interesting conversations in real life, rather than mindless chit-chat. Retaining a little bit of mystery means not everyone will know how you feel about the current political situation, your favourite team’s performance and your current relationship status. Much more interesting!

Stick To Your Guns

Interesting people have opinions. Yours might be divisive and not in step with the vast majority, but if it’s one that you truly believe, go with it and don’t be scared to voice it when asked.

Have some arguments to backup your beliefs but learn the art of arguing graciously and with respect to your debating partner.

Chief editor at Lastminutewriting and Researchpapersuk Steven Gatsby said: “Be aware of what’s going on around you in the world, care about what’s happening and be prepared to defend your beliefs. Interesting people are passionate about causes they really believe in and that’s a great place to start.”

Learn The Art Of Questions

People love to talk about themselves and to really get on board with becoming more interesting; you’ll need to learn how to ask the right questions.

Not all questions are created equally; some will just require a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response while others will need a fuller answer. It’s these open questions that really create conversation. You become a more interesting man, by showing an interest in others. Avoid asking questions just to be nosy or sounding uninterested, choose questions that you really want to hear the other person answer.

Be Well Read

People who read tend to have much broader frames of reference to draw down from. Reading expands your mind, challenges your existing beliefs and makes you appreciate the art of great writing. It gives you something to talk about and provides you with a more well-rounded experience of life.

Start by choosing ten of the classics, from Dickens to Kerouac start by ploughing your way through each one. When you find a style or author that you like, add one or two more to your collection.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, but equally don’t read books that you think you should read but don’t really enjoy.

Be Funny

This might be easier said than done if you find remembering jokes hard and aren’t great with your comic timing, but being funny can take the form of other outlets.

Think about situations and experiences that you’ve had that have ended in disaster or in a way you didn’t expect. Using yourself in a mildly self-deprecating way to tell a funny story is a great way to sound interesting. The more unusual the story and its setting, the better.

Sheila Baxendale, a writer at Draftbeyond, said: “The person everyone remembers is the funny one, the one who made the room laugh with a great story. To be truly funny, you don’t have to be hugely extroverted just be able to tell a good story, well. Practise to yourself and you’ll have everyone eating out of your hand by the end of the evening.”

Be Childlike But Not Immature

Take all the good elements of what it’s like to be a child: the enthusiasm, the sense of fun, the honesty and compassion and make them part of who you are. These traits are hard to suppress and people are often very attracted to them.

They, in turn, give others permission to exhibit the same characteristics which has a very positive effect on the environment around you and atmosphere of whichever event or situation you find yourself in. Just don’t let it spill over into childishness, which is a whole different ball game.

Don’t Let Fear Stand In Your Way

Making changes in your life can be daunting and does not come easy to a lot of people. No one said change would ever be easy but it can be made harder if you live in fear of its consequences.

Take the bull by the horns and put into practice some of the ideas you have to be a more interesting man. You won’t know which tricks work for you and which don’t until you’ve given it your best shot.

Stan Adams, a psychology writer at Writinity, said: “The thing about fear is that asks you not to try anything new. It acts as a way of keeping you safe but staying safe is not always interesting or indeed necessary. If you want to try a new technique in making conversation, then you should go for it. The fear of failing shouldn’t be something that stops from making changes to your life.”

Put Your Weekends To Good Use

If you spend most of your time either at work, or thinking about work then it’s time to shake things up a little. The most interesting people have a lot more going on their lives than the 9 to 5 and it’s time you followed their example.

Use your free time to find something you really love and pursue it without fear of judgement from others.

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If you want to give Salsa lessons a try, then go for it. Similarly if you’ve always wanted to take up a martial art, seize the moment. People will be fascinated by your new hobby and want to know so much more about you.

If you have plenty of hobbies, why not try and experience something different, such as visiting a new art exhibition or going to a concert of a band you’ve always liked.

Don’t Be A Complainer

Nothing is less interesting than someone who whines and complains about everything. Sure the pressures of work might be mounting up and you might be soooo tired but honestly, no one needs you to go on about it.

Be honest if asked but don’t play the victim in the conversation ask, instead, if the person you’re talking to is experiencing similar. See if you can find a similar experience that you might have in common.

Becoming more interesting is not actually as hard as you might imagine. You have it all within you; it’s just a matter of bringing it out to the fore. Feeling boring has as much to do with lacking confidence as it does with lacking anything interesting to say.

With just a little coaching and a small amount of courage, you will soon be able to hold court on any number of subjects, tell the most hilarious stories and become the most interesting person in the room.

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