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Tips For Men On Becoming The Lover Every Girl Wants

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Let’s face it guys, women want different things. Tall, dark and handsome may still often be a winning combination, but modern ladies tend to more specific in what they are looking for. Some may be happy with a ‘nice guy’, others prefer naughtier characters, and a good number will appreciate material success as much as typical good looks. The trick is to tick as many boxes as possible – and some of these are certainly more obscure than you’d think!

Here’s some essential tips to help enhance your appeal to the fairer sex.

1) Confidence Wins

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Only a minority of men are born with natural confidence. In fact, many psychologists agree that men who display charismatic confidence tend to learn how to exhibit these behaviors. Anyone – even the most anxious – can learn how to display these traits without risking the pitfall of being bullish or arrogant (two traits that few women like!).

The trick is to focus and remind yourself of what you have going for you. Rather than feel constantly pressured by perceived limitations – and that could be anything from money through to not being able to shake off bad memories – work at reminding yourself what you do have and also what you have experienced and achieved. Nobody is perfect but that is no reason why you should not feel comfortable in your own skin.

One great way of enhancing your confidence is to try and incorporate some adventure into your life. Keep trying out new things and make the effort to learn a new skill or six. Women tend to be extremely attracted to men who have tales to tell, and simply by actually doing these activities, you’ll feel more confident in your own abilities anyway. You don’t need to grab your ice axe and go scale Mount Everest – simply learning how to cook a new cuisine, ride a motorbike, sail a boat, start a campfire are good examples.

You can also learn how to express confident body language. Posture is perhaps the easiest to master, and also happens to be one factor that so many men tend to ignore. Walking straight and keeping your head up naturally exudes confidence and awareness of your surroundings. You’ll feel better for doing so too. So work on straightening that slump – physical confidence will also make women assume that you are going to be a demon of a lover in the sack!

2) Be Fun

Figuring out a prospective partner’s sense of humor is incredibly important. As a general rule, it is a bad idea to try and make women laugh by making mean spirit jokes at other people’s expense. Sure, some ladies like a dark sense of humor too, but it’s sensible to err on the side of caution during the early days. Likewise, sarcasm is also a bad call during the first few dates.

Being able to make a woman laugh offers amazing physical advantages. Laughter releases serotonin and reduces stress, making them feel much more comfortable around you. Remember to try and exert a little self-deprecating humor too. Being able to laugh at your various disasters walks hand in hand with displaying self-confidence, so use that to your advantage. When it comes to the bedroom, you will find that a lover who is comfortable in your company will be much more fun and relaxed.

3) Always Be Kind & Generous

Arguably even more important than confidence is being able to portray the image of being a kind and responsible person. We’re not talking about picking up the dinner bill or fawning them with expensive gifts here. Instead, look to help out others in your free time – ethical volunteering with charities is a golden example of showing not just your compassionate side but also that you are a man of action. Mention times when you have helped out people (including friends and family but steer away from discussing exes) over your conversation. Tip your waiting staff well, hold doors open for strangers, and generally just be a decent sociable individual.

Displaying a generous spirit is an extremely appealing trait that the overwhelming majority of women will fall head over heels for. Of course, doing your best to help out others implies that you will look to ensure they are physically satisfied every time. For many women that is the most attractive sexual characteristic possible, and exactly what they will be looking for in any prospective lover.

4) Know Your Way Around The Bedroom

If you are able to follow the three points we’ve already discussed fully then you ought to be well on your way to bedding the woman of your dreams. But what to do when you reach that stage? There are masses of resources available that discuss how to help guys last longer, and you needn’t immediately opt for any chemical aids to help you last longer. The absolute key is to satisfy her first – and bear in mind that only a minority of women experience orgasm through penetrative intercourse.

Nowadays there are all sorts of ancillary aids to help guys enhance their physical ‘package’. Size does matter bit but contrary to popular belief, girth tends to be more desirable than length. A minority of guys may want to consider the possibility of penis girth enhancement injections. Nowadays this offers a quick and surprisingly easy solution for men who simply need to add a little thickness to their shaft. But is PMMA safe? Compared to surgical modifications, most experts would agree that it offers a far superior alternative to invasive girth enhancement surgery. Should you be tempted to take up this option, just be sure to check that your selected clinic has excellent hygiene standards and offers comprehensive follow up care.

5) Treat Her Well

One of the most effective ways to win a woman’s heart is to take a genuine interest in her thoughts, feelings, and well being. Ask plenty of questions – but do not be too intrusive during the early days. Allow her the time and scope to feel confident confiding in you, listen to what she says and remember to reference back whenever you can. Look out for triggers that may make her stressed/angry, and avoid raising potentially antagonistic issues such as previous relationships, financial matters or ethical dilemmas. All of those will come in time!

By demonstrating that you are invested in her personality and qualities you will become incredibly more attractive. Avoid performing silly flirty ‘tricks’ – the best way to make a woman feel that she needs and wants you in her life is simply to pay attention and exhibit genuine respect. All strong and passionate relationships are founded on this basis, and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this too.

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6) Steer Clear Of The Pitfalls

Chances are you may have heard about or tried much of this advice before yet still keep messing up with prospective partners. In most likelihood, this is because you are falling for the classic mistakes that are going to put the vast majority of women off you right from the start.

You must try and avoid confrontation and be reliable. If over your conversation you stumble upon a topic that you both quite passionately disagree about, then it is a terrible idea to pursue it as you may with a stranger or friend. Even if the rest of your date goes well, disagreeing over something very important to her is often going to be interpreted as being the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll be lucky to be accepted out on another date.

Nobody is suggesting you lie about your feelings, just work under the basis that such matters are best discussed later in a relationship and run too high a risk of scuttling you before it has even started. Above all else, do not respond to arguments with any sexist or misogynistic statements – that’s basically dating suicide!

So there we have some of the most essential tips for how any guy can become a true dream lover for any woman. As you will have noticed, personality traits are generally much more important than looks or physique (but these can certainly help too!). Try to look after yourself physically – there’s no need to become a superman – but being ‘fit enough’ will make you far more sexually appealing. Fitness will also help make you more confident in your own skin.

Communication is the absolute key though. If you want to become dynamite in the sack then you need to ask about and listen to what she enjoys. Get that right, treat her well, and stay balanced and positive and you’ll be well on your way towards enjoying a fantastic relationship. Best of luck everyone!

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