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5 Resources That Help You Write Your Dissertation


At some point in college, you will be needed to write a dissertation and it is very important to one’s career later. Life is a competition from the beginning and everyone strives to have the best. When preparing for dissertation it is challenging, and not knowing what to look at for your dissertation might turn to make your education useless and you might end up being idle for the rest of your life. This makes dissertation writing very crucial and the more reason as to why you need dissertation help. Above all dissertations require devotion and continuous efforts to come up with a well curated dissertation. Research is the most important part of the dissertation and how well it is done contributes to a very effective continuous flow when writing.


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This is the most important resource for anyone writing a dissertation, as a student, you need to fully utilize this resource. Use the library catalog to search for all relevant materials for the dissertation. The library has diverse materials on a particular topic one is searching. Ask the librarian for guidance and advice.


Journals they are underrated, but they are very important for research with critical opinions, debates, and scientific theories. Search for all editions of journals hard copies and soft copies online which is available in the libraries. Journals help one come up with an updated critical context which is very important in the dissertation.

Past students’ dissertations

These are readily available in the college library for reference by other students. They are very crucial because they help you understand the structure and flow of dissertation writing required by the college. You will understand what is required by your lecturer and you will have an insight into what they will be looking out for.

Tapes, film, and interviews

You shouldn’t rely on written resources only; a lot can be gotten from other kinds of media such as tapes, films, and interviews. This might have been conducted by past dissertation writers or writers. So in dissertation using interactive resources are also important you might get to understand one or two things that will form the basis of your dissertation.

Digital tools

The web is invaluable in terms of information at its disposal, but there are unreliable sites on the web which have unauthenticated information. Some of the sites are convincing, but they are not moderated and they would be misleading in dissertation writing. Record the websites where you get your dissertation from and include them in the bibliography.

There are numerous apps which are very helpful resources in the dissertation. The apps development hasan  immeasurable impact on your dissertation. There are apps which are very helpful in the research phase of the dissertation such as Instapaper and Onetap. These apps are great when researching because they save your WebPages that you will be looking at later. These pages are turned to formats which are easy to read. It is easy to close unwanted tabs and save the important ones with one click of a button.

The drafting phase is also very important and they are apps which help with this such as the momentum and evertone. The momentum is a Chrome extension which helps you focus on what you are looking for and the evertone easily saves notes which can be transferred to the computer anytime.

The writing phase with the Pomodoro technique is an app which keeps you on track when you are writing. You set the timer on time you will work and take a break.

It takes real passion to find a problem and a solution to it. The theme of the dissertation is important and should be treasured as unique. Every step of the dissertation should be taken seriously with the most important step being the research.

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