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10 Unique Tech Gifts for College Students 

Tech Gifts for College Students
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10 Unique Tech Gifts for College Students

College students always have a lot on their minds: to pay the loan, to find a part-time job, to get a good grade for an essay, to prepare for the exam, to meet the deadline, to find time for a meeting with friends, etc. While they can always opt for academic writing services to get help with some of the college assignments, young people still experience a lot of stress and pressure going on in their lives. To relieve this stress and make life happier for your young student. I remember, as a college student receiving a gift or a few bucks made me smile. We have some great Tech Gifts for College Students to help cheer up your student, these are perfect for many different occasions or just because of graduation, birthday, high performance, or just for no reason. This guide will cover top tech (and thus winning) presents you can consider when choosing. 

Tech Gifts for College Students
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Top tech gifts to make any student happier 

A typical student lives with assignments on his mind, job, and relationships. But homework is always top of the mind; a great gift idea could be a tutor for getting their homework completed on time. There are many student-helping services; if you consider hiring one, make sure you read all the reviews and forums for answering questions like “Is speedypaper legit“. 

When picking up a present, you should look for something that fits their fast-paced college lifestyle and facilitates it. Other great options that you can go wrong on are tech gifts: first, in the era of digitalization, it is a win-win option. Secondly, these presents are mainly aimed to help young people perform better and enjoy their lives. For example, you can get inspired by these ten tech ideas:

1. Power bank

No student would part with their smartphone for at least a few minutes. Smartphones serve as a means of real-time communication; they help students look for necessary information for their papers and work on shared projects. But what happens when the battery dies? To avoid such situations, you can use a portable power bank that always comes in handy. The device is lightweight and can charge your phone quickly. Such a thing is irreplaceable in trips and situations where you can’t charge your smartphone as usual;

2.  Smartwatch

When you can’t hold your phone in your hands all the time but want to stay updated on what is going on in your social accounts, a smartwatch is a thing to save you. You can receive text messages, use GPS and heart sensors, see notifications and calendar meetings on your watch and even respond to it. The device easily interacts with your favorite apps; 


3.  Smart notebook

Students write a lot, and making handwritten notes is no longer convenient: first, it takes too much time. Secondly, you can lose them somewhere. With the smart notebook, you can make, organize, and share your notes with others easily;

4.  PS4

This is probably one of the most expensive gifts a student can get, but you can’t imagine how much happiness it will bring. Gaming helps relieve stress after a hard day in college and receive skills applicable in real life. Many PS4 games are also educational so that the gift will combine both entertainment and academic purposes;

5.  Kindle book

Students usually have a lot to read for their academic programs, and many useful digital textbooks can be downloaded for free. That is why a digital book will make a perfect present. You can consider Kindle from Amazon or choose any other device according to your budget;

6.  Activity tracker

There is usually no time to go to the gym in college, eat healthily, and track calories. But doing fitness is still possible and easy if you have this small smart device: it can track heart rate, the number of steps you take, calories you burn and your sleep cycles;

7.  Bluetooth speaker

For those who love music, this small device will be a perfect gift. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can throw a party everywhere: in the mountains, on the yacht, on the beach, and at home. Waterproof speakers will be the best option;



8.  Bluetooth headphones

With the wireless headphones connected to your phone with Bluetooth, you can listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts conveniently in any place, from library to lecture, and even on the go, as they are noise-canceling;



9.  Laptop backpack

Working on several projects simultaneously, you need to carry your laptop, and to make it more convenient, the laptop backpack will make a perfect gift. Some of the modern options also have a USB charging and anti-theft features so you can charge your device on the go and always be ready to work from anywhere;



10.  Amazon gift card

Sometimes, when you don’t know the person enough or can’t decide on a present, the best present will be a gift card to such shops as Amazon, where a student can choose anything he or she needs and wants based on their taste. This is a win-win gift.

Conclusion | Tech Gifts for College Students