Home Advice Some of the Cheaper Ways of Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior

Some of the Cheaper Ways of Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior

Some of the Cheaper Ways of Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior
Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

Want to give your home’s exterior a new lease of life? While there are approaches to revitalizing how a property appears to the world outside, many generally involve spending many thousands, if not £10,000s.

But what about the more affordable solutions? In today’s blog, we’ll explore some of the more affordable ways to enhance your home’s exterior; those being alterations that generally cost around £1,000 or less. Let’s dive in!

Budget-Friendly Front Door

To start with, having a front door installed is often possible for several hundred pounds, though some materials and brands will be more affordable than others.

For example, uPVC and aluminum front doors are among the least expensive options. Though, of course prices can still vary depending on the brand. 

That said, the same goes for the generally costlier choices. While timber, composite and steel doors will often cost several thousand pounds to install, many options on the market should come to a total installation cost (i.e. supply only cost and the price of labour) of around £1,000 or less in some cases.

Dropping a Curb

Another strategy involved in improving the exterior of a property is to hire professionals to drop a curb. This involves converting a curb into a smoothened entryway, making it easier for vehicles to enter. 

The cost of dropping a curb usually lands around £300 to £600 for one to two curbs, with the exact cost largely depending on the size of the curbs and the price of labor in your region.

Exterior Lighting

Having one or several outdoor lights added to your property is another relatively affordable way of improving your home’s exterior, not to mention the various practical advantages they can provide (e.g. increased security and making it easier to see where you’re going at night, such as if heading out to your garden).

Many types of outdoor lighting come with a total cost (between the supply price and cost of installation) of around £100 to £500. Popular options include spotlights, motion sensor lights, floodlights, solar powered lights and landscape lights.

Pressure Washing and Other Brief Cleans

You may also want to hire a professional to clean your property’s outdoor areas. For instance, you could have your driveway or patio/decking pressure-washed

While jobs like this can be done DIY, hiring a professional can ensure a high-quality end result, particularly considering that pressure washing surfaces incorrectly (e.g., with too high of a pressure for the surface in question) can result in damage.

Along with pressure washing work, which usually costs several hundred pounds, there are other relatively simple cleaning projects that you may want to hire a professional for. Common examples include gardening, small landscaping jobs, and gutter cleaning.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior

If you have a terraced house, then hiring a professional painter to paint the outside of your home is likely to cost around £500 to £700, with the price reaching £700 to £1,000 for a semi-detached house. That said, if you have a detached home, the cost will likely surpass £1,000.

It’s best to hire a professional, though, if you are sure of everything involved and have the right skills, it is possible (in many cases) to paint the exterior of a house DIY. However, it’s essential that all safety precautions are taken (e.g., using a ladder, placing it in a suitable and safe place, and having someone hold it from the bottom continually). If in any doubt, always hire a professional to be sure and safe.

Featured Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash