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Outdoor Entertaining: How to Prepare for Spring/Summer 2018

If you’ve been patiently anticipating the warmer months, you’re not the only one. Spring and summer are on their way and it’s nearly time to spend our afternoons outside entertaining in the backyard. Yet is your outdoor space ready to go?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this easy guide preparing for Spring/Summer 2018.

Prep and clean the patio and furniture

  • Cushions: If you have cushions on your furniture that have been crammed into storage for months, they will need a good wash. Removable covers can be thrown into the washing machine, whilst vinyl covers will need washing with hot soapy water.
  • Furniture: There is more than likely going to be lots of grime and dirt built up on your furniture which will need cleaning off after the winter. Popular materials used for garden furniture are usually wicker, teak, iron and aluminium. Each of which will have their own specific cleaners and methods so choose an appropriate one for your needs.
  • Patio: For this, you will need a high powered sprayer to wash your patio. They usually have different water pressure settings that you can adjust should you wish to wash down other delicate items in your garden. If your patio is looking a little worn and full of cracks, consider giving your patio area a revamp. It will completely change the look of your garden and your friends will simply love it.

Cleaning the gutter

Grab a ladder and check your gutters. They often get built up with debris, leaves and dirt. Try to remove as much as possible with your hands and remember to wear gloves. Unsure how to clean the gutter properly? Check out this article on how to clean gutters and downspouts.

Attend to your flower beds

  • Spread some mulch over your flower beds to get rid of the dry soil, this also protects your plants against any cool temperatures that we may still encounter through spring.
  • Refresh your planters with some new plants, to add a bit of color and life to your displays.
  • Deploy decorative planters around your seating area, on the entryway and beside the pool.

Remodel your backyard

  • Outdoor kitchen: Love throwing a dinner party? When it gets warmer, bring the parties outside with a BBQ area. Outdoor kitchens are a fun and functional way to host guest whilst still being able to engage with them. Get yourself an outdoor BBQ island that can be equipped with a countertop.
  • Firepits: An outdoor firepit is a great addition to your outdoor living space. Depending on the size of your patio you can choose from a range of different pits, either one that is situated above the ground or one that is deep into the ground creating an opening viewing space that you can sit around.
  • Lighting: If you already have lights in your garden, check they are all working and are not faulty. For a redesign, add hanging lanterns, festoon lighting and candles for those long evenings chilling the yard.

The spring and summer months will soon be upon us. With a little bit of planning and some imagination, you are ready for warmer times ahead. Clean and refresh your existing outdoor items – and add some fresh pieces for this year to give your outdoor area a fresh lease of life ready for the warmer months.