Home Advice Should You Run a Background Check Before getting Married?

Should You Run a Background Check Before getting Married?

Should your Run a Background Check Before getting Married
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

Should your Run a Background Check Before getting Married?

There are many instances in life where background checks have become routine and, if anything, expected. We always investigate people watching our children, we know our job is going to check things before they hire us, but when it comes to marriage, so many people become blind with love that all things seem forgotten, in the name of love. Getting a background check before getting married is tricky but worth it for both parties. 

Should your Run a Background Check Before getting Married
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

Maybe it’s because we’re unfamiliar with the concept (after all, how many times are we getting married?), or perhaps we don’t know how to bring it up to our partner. However, if you’re considering getting married, everything should be open when it comes to your past.

Reasons to Use a Background Check Site before you get Married

If you’re willing to spend forever with this person, you might be hard-pressed to agree to a background check like the one on Check People. After all, you already know everything about them. Well, there are quite a few reasons to get one done before you get hitched.

Financial implications:

From the day you get married, all your resources, funds, investments, and debts get pooled into a mutually beneficial alliance. This means that if your partner’s credit isn’t the greatest, you’re going to be impacted too. Looking at both credit histories is the easiest way to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding your past and future.

This is important if you have any dreams of homeownership, buying vehicles, sharing an account, investing, or simply building a nest egg. If you and your partner have been honest about your financial histories, everything should turn up as expected. If not, you’ll both be able to review and analyze the truth of the situation before you’re in over your head.

This is also an excellent time for both of you to review your credit report’s entire history. Review any negative impacts on your file like delinquent accounts, missed payments, or forgotten debts. It’s not to say that your partner was hiding anything, but it will give you the chance to fix any skeletons still hiding in the closet.

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Red Flags to Look For:

Criminal History

 One of the benefits of running a background check is seeing any hidden flags your partner may not have been honest and forthcoming with. If you find past criminal activities, don’t panic. Look at the charges and see what you’re dealing with. Anything that has arrests or prosecution relating to severe or violent crimes should be a deal-breaker for the marriage and a serious red flag.

Prior Marriages

A background check is going to pull all public records, marriage licenses included. Knowing about a previous marriage isn’t a big deal, but if records reveal a marriage that you were unaware of, make sure you weigh out why it wasn’t discussed (even if it was a silly thing they did when they were 18 and in love).

Changes in Identity

A change in identity isn’t always a red flag, especially if it’s something simple like a formal name change. But, if your partner hasn’t been forthcoming with the previous name or history, you may want a few more details as to why it happened and what that means for your marriage moving forward.

Hidden Bankruptcies or Credit Accounts

Although the credit history is essential, you want to evaluate the accounts’ history and standing on file closely. Has your partner told you about financial troubles in the past, or were they kept secret from you? Review when these accounts were created and how they will influence the future you both have together. This is especially important if the accounts are new, in default, and undisclosed.

Typically, running a background check isn’t a big deal for either partner. Most pull the reports together and look them over. If your partner is hesitant or gets upset at the idea of running background checks, take that as a major red flag and try to find out why. Most times, if someone has nothing to hide, they won’t mind running the report. Although the concept might seem foreign when it comes to a marriage proposal, starting your new life with honesty, transparency, and the truth is the easiest way to ensure the marriage stands the test of time.