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Setting Up Your Small Office Space

Whether at home or dedicated office space, you need to have a space where you can work comfortably and efficiently, and this means that there is a right way and a wrong way to set up this space.

Granted, there are many options, and this can make the process confusing. You may find yourself looking at a bunch of office furniture or a range of a3 printers and fussing about whether you need a dedicated server or not.  if you have a small business, leasing printers are good for small business. There are a million potential distractions and confusing decisions to make in the process.

Furniture and Ergonomics

Of course, there are ways to make things easier when setting up your small office. Our advice right off the bat: The most important piece of Office furniture is easily your office chair. This may seem like simple and obvious advice, and it’s true that nobody intentionally scrimps on an office chair, but what does happen is that many people get so caught up in other things that they forget to give the humble office chair the priority it deserves. Don’t be one of these people; you will live to regret it!

Don’t be afraid to consider a sit-down stand-up desk either. These innovations can make long days working in the office more comfortable and better for your body, which is also something we tend to unconsciously neglect in the long term. The ability to reset yourself and avoid spending too much time in any one position is highly underrated, even with all the buzz about it lately.

Make A Big List

You should start by making a big list of everything your office will need, and check it and revise it every day until the office is done. It’s important to be flexible as, for example, you may easily forget something at the outset that may turn out to be super crucial. Or on the other hand, you may have items you find that you really don’t need as badly as you thought you did initially, and these can be deferred or simply ignored altogether.

Also, be realistic as to what you want and the space it has to fit in. We are big fans of dedicating a separate space like a whole room (hopefully not just a “den”) to your office if it is at home, and if you are renting or buying a separate space, make sure it is easily adequate for your needs. There is nothing worse than a cramped office for working in.