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Seven Ways to Be A Southern Gentleman

Chris Janson Country Music Artist True Southern Gentleman

The newest member of the legendary Grand Ole Opry, country singer Chris Janson has been chasing (and now living) the dream in Nashville for over a decade. Originally from rural Missouri, the Platinum-selling recording artist cut his teeth playing Honky Tonks and clubs before he landed his first record deal, all the while being true to himself and adhering to gentlemanly standards. Whether he’s belting out No. 1 hits like “Fix A Drink” and “Buy Me A Boat” or at home with his wife and kids, Janson shares the ways in which he stands up as a southern gentleman.

You believe in being a role model

Janson is committed to being a role model to those around him both on and off stage. “I try to teach my kids by example to use their best judgment and carry themselves as leaders,” he says. Both his high bar and high energy contribute not only to unforgettable performances, but also to authentic interactions with fans, friends, and family. Like any true southern gentleman, Janson also has a penchant for philanthropy, from teaching COPD patients to play the harmonica alongside ACM Lifting Lives to perform at the recent Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam XX in Nashville.

You know that family comes first

As tenacious of an artist as he is, Janson will be the first to tell you that career success is that much sweeter when surrounded by a happy family. From introducing his kids to life on the road to working with his wife and manager Kelly, the chart-topping entertainer finds ways to blend together the different areas of his life. A true southern gentleman recognizes the importance of spending meaningful time with family no matter where a tour date might take them: “I make a point of seeing my kids one way or another every single day. I wouldn’t miss them growing up for the world.”

You maintain etiquette

The “Drunk Girl” singer leads a casual lifestyle but always dresses up for the stage because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. His standard black button down, black pants and cowboy boots can be seen at every show, whether he’s playing the famed Ryman Auditorium or a sold-out stadium show on tour. As for manners, aspiring southern gentlemen are going to have to jump through some hoops to impress Janson once his daughter is old enough to date: “A guy is going to have to do more than walk to the door to impress me. That’s day one stuff!”

You partake in the finer things

Good spirits and great company are two hallmarks of relaxation for a southern gentleman. Janson can kick back with his buddies at home or on the road with a fine cigar and an interesting conversation. “I’ll smoke a cigar anywhere,” Janson says. “But I prefer my back porch.” Southern Gentlemen have high standards and that applies to the finer things in life as well. “I’m particular about the cigars I smoke. You’ve got to develop your own unique personality to truly enjoy them.”

You appreciate a down-home meal

It’s no secret: homemade meals are a staple in southern culture and the singer/songwriter is no stranger to a good meal. “My wife cooks a hamburger steak and gravy over white rice,” Janson shares. “It’s one of our go-to meals as a family whenever I’m home, and it’s awesome.” The multi-instrumentalist is known for always having a Mountain Dew on hand – perfect for those hot, southern nights.

You are not afraid of hard work

When he’s not on the road touring with Sam Hunt, Cole Swindell or Luke Bryan, Janson is on the farm enjoying the weekend with his family. A southern gentleman appreciates using a little elbow grease, even on his days off: “I like mowing on the tractor, putting in food plots, sawing logs and clearing brush – making the land look better,” Janson explains.

You can court a southern belleChris Jackson Song Drunk Girl

The chart-topping country artist met his wife, Kelly, and instantly knew she was the one. “She’s my South Georgia sweetheart, love of my life.” Janson’s latest single, “Drunk Girl,” delivers a powerful and timely message for how a southern gentleman – or any man – should treat a lady. With lyrics like, “Take a drunk girl home / Let her sleep all alone / Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone,” it’s no wonder fans and critics alike have gravitated toward the song.