Home Advice Ultimate Security: Roller Shutters for Your Doors and Windows       

Ultimate Security: Roller Shutters for Your Doors and Windows       

Roller Shutters
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Ultimate Security: Roller Shutters for Your Doors and Windows                    

When you install a new door or a windowpane, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it about providing the ultimate security to the interiors by using a hard-framed door? Or, do you want to shield the interiors from the cold, chilly winds by installing an insulating window? Roller shutters are great way to accomplish security of your home. 

Based on these questions, one thing is certain: there is a special kind of window or door guard for every function. You have automated shutter doors for enhanced security purposes, insulated doors for weather-vulnerable areas, wooden doors for imparting aesthetic beauty, and so on. On a similar note, you also have roller shutter doors and windows, which are used in commercial places extensively worldwide. 

However, despite being widely used, the roller shutters are still not popular amongst the masses. Considering their extensive benefits and other facts, we will give you a little insight into the dominion of this specific window and door guard. 

Roller Shutters
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How the Roller Shutter Windows and Doors Function?

The first thing people often ask door and window manufacturers like hobbs inc is about the functioning of the roller shutters. It acts on a rolling mechanism, where you can open the door by lifting the shutter panel while pulling it down to close the opening. At the top of the panel, there is a rod around which the shutter panel forms a bundle when they are lifted. The panel usually consists of horizontal slats, which may or may not have slit openings between them.

What are the Various Roller Shutter Types?

Even though the roller shutters might look the same from the outside, but if we go deep into their working and designs, you will find a lot of differences that set them apart from one another. Based on these differences, we have listed some of the shutter door types that you must know before buying one. 

  • Automatic shutter doors and windows can be opened and closed using an electric motor, which in turn is operated by an electrical switch.
  • Manual roller shutter doors and windows are the ones that must be pulled down or lifted manually by using the handles at the lower panel slit.
  • Built-in shutters have all the parts hidden behind walls so that opening the shutter will make them disappear.
  • Built-out roller shutters have their rails visible to the open eyes, and hence they are usually used for outdoor purposes.
  • Transparent shutters are new in the family. They are made from transparent sheets, which will allow you to have a clear view of the other side.
  • Perforated sheets are the ones in which there are small holes or perforations on the shutter panel.

How Does a Roller Shutter Panel Help You?

Lastly, if you plan to install the roller shutters in your space, knowing the benefits would be of great help to you. Considering this, we have discussed the perks of installing a shutter in a residential or commercial space. 

  • Security: The roller shutters are secure than the normal doors and windows. Burglars and thieves would have to break the shutter’s lock, and in doing so, either they will trigger an alarm or the sound itself will draw attention. Hence, you will be able to protect your valuables from the burglars.
  • Longevity: Compared to other forms of doors and windows, the shutter panels are long-lasting, and hence installing them will save you a lot of hassle. 
  • Easy Maintenance: The shutter doors and windows are very easy to maintain, as they are made from sturdy raw material.
  • Temperature Control: If you are using special insulation technology and the shutter panels, you will be able to easily maintain the inside temperature. 


In recent years, roller shutters have become quite famous in various parts of the world. But as most of you didn’t know, you were hesitant in installing the door. That’s why we hope that our discussion will give you the basic answers about the shutter doors so that the next time you won’t hesitate.