Home Advice 10 Tips to Saving More on your Electricity Bills

10 Tips to Saving More on your Electricity Bills

10 Tips to Saving More on your Electricity Bills

Everyone likes to save money, and if one is prepared to change one’s habits a little, significant savings can be made on electricity. We all rely on this source of energy, some more than others, but it is an essential service that powers most of the devices and appliances we use on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to consider the best electricity rates that you can get around your area of residence to save on your expenditure for this service. For instance, if you live in Texas, you have options when it comes to how much your electricity rates cost. A reliable website like Electricityrates.com gives you the opportunity to compare Texas providers’ electricity rates and find the best rates that suit you. Here are some tips on saving electricity that hopefully will result in a considerable saving.

Screen the Windows

This helps keep the heat out of the home, and that means less work for the air-conditioning system. Awnings or roller blinds can make a significant difference, lowering the room temperature by a few degrees, and they will also help to protect the furniture and carpets from the dreaded sun. You can buy blind online where you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, designs, and styles.

Insulate the Roof

This will reduce the heat loss to such an extent, most people have already had this installed. If one is unsure whether the roof has been insulated, a quick look in that attic will reveal the answer.

Monitor Power Consumption

By checking regularly to see what is on, and switching off lights or appliances that are not necessary, these little savings will add up to a noticeable amount in just one month.


Turn the Thermostat Down

Just a degree or two will make all the difference, and if one wears a sweater, the drop in temperature wouldn’t be noticeable.

Service Essential Appliances

Heating and air conditioning systems need regular servicing, and if a person were looking for electricians in Fremantle or any other city, there are online solutions. Amy Electrical is one such company, with extensive experience in residential and commercial electrical work, they are equipped to handle any job, big or small.

A Ceiling Fan

Installed in the living room and kitchen, a ceiling fan will cool the room considerably, and the a/c will work a little less hard, keeping that bill down to an acceptable level.

A Microwave Oven

If one uses this to cook food, it uses less energy than a traditional stove, and with no external heat generated by the microwave, it helps keep the kitchen cool in the summer.


Check Windows and Doors

The seal when the window or door is closed should be sufficient to stop any heat loss, and if this is a problem, there are efficient draft proofing kits that can be purchased online.

Energy Saving Appliances

If a person is serious about saving energy, they should always purchase appliances that use off-peak electricity and are recognized as being eco-friendly.

Solar Power

It is said to be the future energy, as it is both clean and renewable. Modern solar panels are unobtrusive and very efficient, and although the outlay is large, it pays for itself in the long term.

Saving energy is on everyone’s mind, and by following a few simple guidelines, a person can make a significant contribution to the overall reduction in energy consumption, and if we all do what we can, the world will be a better place for our children.

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