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Neon Sign Gift Ideas: How to Find the Right Sign

Neon Sign Gift Ideas: How to Find the Right Sign
Photo by Designecologist: https://www.pexels.com

When prepping for birthdays and holidays, you should consider gifting your loved ones an LED neon sign. There’s a neon light for everyone with a wide range of designs and the option to create a custom neon light. With plenty of options out there, you might not know where to start.

To help you figure out which neon lights you should get for your loved ones, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you figure it out.

Consider Their Interests

Of course, the first step to getting someone a good gift is considering the things they like. If they like video games, you can get them a video-game themed neon sign. There are neon signs celebrating everything from camping to baking to skateboarding. Taking these interests into account is your first step to finding the right light for them.

In the rare event, you can’t find a neon sign that closely aligns with their interests. You can employ a bit of creativity to stretch their likes to something that fits. For example, if someone enjoys cooking and/or eating, they might enjoy this humorous sign. This way, you can find a sign they’ll like even if it doesn’t exactly match their interests.

Consider Their Style

Everyone has a unique sense of style. Some people like high heels and floral prints, while some prefer vans and flannel. If you’re not sure what sort of sign someone might appreciate, ask what would match their decor or wardrobe.

They’ll probably enjoy a floral sign if they like many floral prints. If they’re a fan of simple, minimalist style, they’ll probably like a minimalist sign. After all, people don’t often wear things they don’t enjoy wearing.

Consider Limitations

If you want to go the extra mile, take note of your friend or loved one’s interior design and note where they might hang the sign. Of course, they’ll need an outlet to plug in their sign. If the walls near their outlets are full of pictures and wall-hangings, you might want to get a smaller sign. A larger sign may help them fill in the empty space if they have many open walls.

Consider Script

When in doubt, words match all decor. Find a quote your friend will appreciate, or get a one-word sign like “chill” or “breathe.” These simple, chic designs will allow the gift to fit into any interior design. With words, there’s also a wide variety of fonts and colors you can choose from, making gift-giving even easier.

Consider a Custom Neon Sign

If you can’t find anything pre-made, consider ordering a custom sign for your friend. With custom, there are truly endless possibilities for your gift ideas. You can get the sign in their favorite color or in a color that matches their interior design.

You can get a sign of their favorite quote, initials, or even names. Alternatively, you can get a design of a meaningful symbol—like their favorite flower or their zodiac sign. Through custom neon signs, you can be sure you’re getting the exact neon light your friend or family member will love.

Though choosing the perfect neon sign for your gift-giving may seem daunting, that’s only because there are endless choices. The first step is narrowing down what your friend or family member might want from their neon sign, then finding the right one for them. Once you know what you want to give your loved ones, visit echoneon.com to find the sign you need or order a custom LED neon sign.

Featured Photo by Designecologist: https://www.pexels.com