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Is Peugeot Back to Its Best?

The globally renowned French car manufacturer Peugeot has experienced a dip in form in recent years. Persistent problems surrounding some of its models, a lack of striking innovation and improvements made by many of its competitors have all led many petrol heads to question its reputation. Now however, with some new models and vast improvements, Peugeot looks to be regaining its old reputation for quality.

Style and Flair

Peugeot is releasing four fresh models throughout 2016, the new 208 XS, 2008 and 3008 SUV and Traveller. Each one of these brings with it some of the most elegant and sleek design work seen in ages. The 3008 SUV has a completely new body style while the 208 XS features some glorious 16” Titane alloy wheels. Each one easily stands side by side with its competitors, portraying a professional and appealing look.

As a lot of other manufacturers modernised their designs, Peugeot seemed to fall a little behind. Everything in this new range is stylish enough to stand out and please the modern gentlemen. You wouldn’t be ashamed to roll up to work in any of these vehicles, whether you seek a small and stunning hatchback or mid-sized SUV.



Technology is the main way cars have developed in the last decade or two, and Peugeot has developed its i-Cockpit as a leading light that makes driving easier. This includes a huge 9.7” colour touchscreen that controls everything from air conditioning to navigation, multimedia and Peugeot Connect Apps.

It can be found in the latest 2008 SUV model, available from Robins & Day, a few others and many more set to be released in the future. It makes driving a lot smoother and more enjoyable experience, helping the modern gentleman feel in complete control and that he really is living and driving in the 21st century.


Build quality and performance were two of the main things that let down Peugeot’s reputation, even if it was only consigned to a few vehicles. Whether it was because some of their wiring and technology was rushed out or before its time, many of the problems of old have been rectified.

PureTech and BlueHDi engines are both efficient and present in many models. Along with record fuel consumption levels for the Traveller, each of the models available offers an excellent driving experience. Top quality build means there should be no need to take your new Peugeot into the garage every few months anymore either.



Another of the most impressive factors and signs that Peugeot is truly back to its best, is the diversity and quality evident across its full range. From its trademark hatchbacks to saloons, MPVs and SUVs, the brand now oozes quality whatever type of vehicle you desire.

The 308 GT is a sporty number, while for luxury and professionalism you can’t go wrong with the 508 saloon. Style, performance and technology are the pinnacles that make up a desirable vehicle and most of Peugeot’s current range possess all of these in abundance.

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