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The Perfect Fit: How to Choose the Right Gentlemanly Gift

Whether it’s an upcoming anniversary or an annual birthday party, it can be difficult trying to pick a present for a gentleman. They’re fashionable, stylish and polite people that usually don’t engage in rowdy activities or appreciate fad gifts. They love to be self-sufficient and they aren’t strangers to learning new skills or reading how to improve themselves.

The typical gifts include ties, cufflinks, watches and shoes—but do you think a gentleman doesn’t have enough of these already? Unless you’re buying a ridiculously expensive brand that he knows about, chances are it’ll be stored away neatly in a box of unwanted gifts that were accepted to make people happy. So to help you maintain your friendships, here’s a list of gifts that will be perfect for the gentleman in your life.

Drink Mixing Presents

Cocktails can be downed like soft drinks or carefully sipped like a gentleman, but regardless of how you drink them, they’re a popular beverage among the gentlemen of the world. The world could always use more bartenders and cocktail mixing experts, so why not transform your friend into a stylish drink-mixing professional? You could buy a fancy cocktail mixing set, a lavish book with hundreds of different recipes, or perhaps even the latest and greatest alcoholic drinks for them to create their own concoctions with. Either way, your gentlemanly friend will be impressed by your productive, interesting and tasty gift.

Leather Accessories

Leather is synonymous with the gentlemanly lifestyle. Whether it’s a phone case, tablet carry case or a business card holder, making them out of leather instantly gives it a more refined look that will be sure to amaze your gentlemanly friend. Be sure not to pick a cheap knock-off brand that uses fake leather because you probably won’t be getting an invitation to their next party if you present them with trashy products. Although it’s the thought that counts, you never want to upset a gentleman with fake products. It’s part of their ethos to look and feel a million dollars and you don’t want them to feel cheap with fake leather. Invest in your gift and your gentlemanly friend will invest in you.

Stylish Jewellery

Although cufflinks are something that a gentleman often receives as a gift, you can always impress them with a luxurious wooden presentation box and a well-known brand such as Montblanc or Gucci. Rings, pendants and necklaces are also part of a gentleman’s jewellery collection so don’t hesitate to spread your wings a little and research other types of gift. A Jesus Piece Chain is a wonderful example of a gentlemanly jewellery gift that can add a touch of class, elegance but also hip-hop culture to their outfit.

A Luxurious Shaving Kit

Although many gentlemen like to get accustomed to their local barber shop, their self-sufficient and experimental nature can’t prevent them from trying out a luxurious shaving kit to stay well groomed. Remember that presentation counts. If there’s even a hint of plastic on the box then skip it. An all-wooden and beautiful chest that opens up to an exquisite razor, cream and other accessories will be worth a million dollars when they use it for the first time. Although it might take some time for them to get used to it, they’ll learn quickly and make your shaving kit their new favourite toy in the bathroom.


A Shoe Shining Kit

The modern gentleman probably spends as much money and time polishing his shoes as he does ironing out his shirts and cleaning up his suit. Why not give them a gift that keeps on giving and present them with a stylish and functional polishing set? You can get ones that come in fancy wooden boxes with golden locks that are filled with different polishes, creams, wax and brushes. Not only are gentleman stylish and always looking after their appearances, but they’re also self-sufficient and always seeking to learn new skills and shoe polishing is probably one of the many skills that tick all the right boxes.

A Fresh Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a gentleman who’s on the road. Whether it’s to protect against bright rays of sunlight or to shield your eyes from the UV rays during winter, a stylish pair of sunglasses is the perfect companion for any gentleman. From expensive brands like Bentley to more affordable brands such as Ray-Ban, there are many styles and varieties to pick from. Why not treat your friend to a sunglasses shopping spree to help them pick their favourite pair, or perhaps send them a gift card so they can pick their own pair of sunglasses at their leisure.

A Hip Flask

There’s nothing more handy or useful than a hip flask. Encased in smooth leather, built with the finest and sturdiest metal, and polished to a shining gleam, a hip flask can be one of the most used gifts that you give to a gentlemanly friend this year. Sadly, you’ll have to buy a drink to go with it, but these make great stocking fillers or extra gifts to go with a larger present. Make sure it’s made from stainless steel and try to aim for a branded one for extra style points. The more vintage and traditional it looks, the happier your friend will be.

A Fragrance Set

The perfume and fragrance industry is filled to the brim with imitation, cheap knock-offs and overpriced junk. Consult a guide on the best perfumes for men and you’ll be surprised at the sense-stirring and mood-changing perfumes there are at affordable prices. Thankfully, you don’t have to look for to find a gem in the rough. Acqua di Gio is one of the most iconic fragrances a man can buy. There are many imitations of this legendary fragrance, but none of them manage to capture the same magic or invoke the nostalgia that this 1996 classic by Giorgio Armani does. Always ensure that you buy from a reputable vendor and try to avoid shady stores—the last thing a gentleman wants is to smother themselves in the stench of fake fragrance.

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