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Why You Should Choose E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes look similar to any other cigarette, and also come in a pen format. Some might seem a lot different with the refillable tanks. However, electronic cigarettes have containers with eliquid comprising of nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals.

Is the use of e-cigarettes safe? Partially, yes. Experts suggest that using electronic cigarettes are safer than the usual cigarettes. But you won’t find them in a medical shop. The fact remains that smoking kills around 500,000 people – that’s half a million of the population!


Smoke to quit smoking

You burn and inhale numerous chemicals when you smoke using a normal cigarette. The same can’t be said of an electronic cigarette because they aren’t exposed to lethal chemicals. A study states that when you smoke electronic cigarettes, you’re almost 95% safe from any harm when compared to its counterpart.

Smoking is no good to the smoker, nor is it a medication prescribed by a physician. You might question how it would help you in the long run to quit smoking. Most have a tough time trying to quit smoking; nicotine patches and gum is no help either. But electronic cigarettes work different; they might just help you quit smoking . . . by smoking.

Vaping, inhaling, and exhaling an electronic cigarette’s vapors has the ability to free those who are addicted to smoking for decades. You would be able to breathe, sleep, and eat better after you start vaping. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like an ashtray anymore. The sweet aroma from the ejuice in electronic cigarettes would not linger on you even if you wish it.

Your family will be grateful

You don’t have to deal with cigarette butts or ash unlike the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t emit hazardous smoke; instead a water-based vapor magically disappears into the air that’s similar to a smoky mist.

Using cigarettes is restricted in many places because of secondhand (passive) smokers. You might be forced to go out and be exposed to the blistering cold or scorching sun just for smoke break. However, it’s not the same with electronic cigarettes that contain e liquid, you can go ahead and use an e-cigarette anywhere at any time. Electronic cigarettes are allowed in almost all places, such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and bars.

Play your part to safeguard the environment

Often discarded cigarettes are the cause for accidental fires endangering humans and wildlife, and contaminating the environment. Most disasters could have been avoided with the use of electronic cigarettes. It’s time to return the favor to your environment. Voila! Electronic cigarettes are environment friendly and less hazardous than the regular ones.

If you look around, people are more health-conscious these days. You might be isolated to get a smoke because of the numerous restrictions on smoking in public places. Some would even appreciate you for using an electronic cigarette over a traditional one.

You can wear that broad smile without hesitating or worrying about yellow teeth caused by smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t leave you blemished with yellow teeth, or the nasty smoker’s breath.

The immeasurable joy of vaping

Aren’t you bored of smoking the same flavor of cigarette? Treat yourself with a unique flavor of electronic cigarettes available in the market online and offline. It has a variety of e juice flavors, such as strawberry, mint, vanilla, cherry, and much more waiting to be explored. Initially, you can try out all the flavors and remain faithful to the one that suits you, or be adventurous and vary the flavor to suit you.

E-cigarettes are sure to surprise you with their diverse looks and colors. Some are replicas of the cigarette, while others come in different forms – ballpoint pens, cellphones, and pipes. You might have a look at its battery life and mods.

Some e-cigarettes might cost you some, but in the long run you’ll be saving big. The wide array of flavors in electronic cigarettes is one thing that has people choose electronic cigarettes over its rival.