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Mysteries Surrounding JonBenet Ramsey’s Death

Mysteries Surrounding JonBenet
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Beauty queens are looked up by everyone and always try to draw all the attention to themselves. Although most of the beauty queens are beautiful young girls, sometimes it can be a kid! Child beauty pageants are surrounded by controversy, especially since one child beauty queen’s murder remained unsolved. Celebrities and famous people’s death always hurts the public, especially their fans, and it gets even more emotional when it’s a kid. Many experts agree that participation in activities that focus on physical appearance at an early age can influence teen and/or adult self-esteem, body image, and self-worth. On the Christmas night of 1996, six-year-old JonBenet was found dead in her home’s basement. Her death was shocking and it is still surrounded in controversy.

Mysteries Surrounding JonBenet
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

JonBenet’s older sister also died under strange circumstances

JonBenet’s father had three children with his first wife, Lucinda: John Andrew, Elizabeth, and Melinda. Shortly before JonBenet was found dead in the basement, her older sister, Elizabeth, daughter of Lucinda and John, died in a car accident. At the time, the accident was not suspicious, but after JonBenet’s murder, police reviewed the case, looking for a link between the two cases.

The suspect suitcase

When JonBenet’s body was found on the basement’s floor, a blue suitcase was found just beneath the broken window. Police suspected the owner of the suitcase is somehow related to the incident. The owner of the suitcase was none other than JonBenet’s older sibling, John Andrew, the son of John and Lucinda. The stuff in the suitcase was even more shocking: a Dr. Seuss book and a blanket covered in semen. DNA tests confirmed that the semen belonged to Andrew, who was a college student at the time, thus too old to read Dr. Seuss books.


JonBenet was pushed into pageants by her grandmother

Patsy, JonBenet’s mother, had been a beauty queen herself, but never won Miss America. This made her mother Nedra, JonBenet’s grandmother, angry. When JonBenet was born, Nedra saw in her an opportunity to see her dream true, so she pushed the child into the world of pageants.

John Bennett Ramsey problems

During the inquiry of JonBenet’s death, it was revealed that she and her brother had some problems. Her brother, Burke, used to smear feces around the house, including in his sister’s room. JonBenet used to wet her bed, which draw her mother crazy. These symptoms made some people suggest that the girl was sexually abused and that the boy had behavioral and mental issues.

Another fact which supported the rumors that Burke might have problems was his behavior after his sister was murdered. During the discussion with the child psychologist, Burke was smiling and joked about his sister’s death. Two decades after the tragic event, Burke still smiled when he talked about his sister’s death.

JonBenet might have been abused

JonBenet’s body showed signs of genital injuries, which might have been the result of continuous, long time abuse. The investigators discovered JonBenet had seen a doctor at the age of three complaining about vaginal irritation and redness, twice. Despite the doctor said the redness was caused by bubble bath, there were investigators who were convinced someone was abusing the girl.

CBS used a group of experts to evaluate the evidence and theorized that Jonbenet’s brother hit his sister in the head with a heavy object, perhaps not intending to kill her. BCS was threatened to be sued because of it.

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