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The ultimate guide to taking care of men’s wedding bands – Tips and suggestions!

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There was a time when men’s wedding bands never existed. They did not wear any visible item to depict marriage. They gave their wives rings; however, they did not wear anything to tell society they were married. Now, times have changed, and wedding rings for men are quite popular too. Looking at the evolution of men’s wedding rings, you will find that the older generation of males around the 1920s and 1930s did not wear wedding rings. However, the generation after that- the 1940s is proud to flaunt their wedding rings that were made out of gold.

Gold wedding rings and the evolution of other metals

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In the past, gold was the most preferred material for wedding rings. Men and women loved to sport wedding rings made of gold. These rings were shaped like bands that are made to be slipped onto the finger. In the past decades, after the prices of gold shot up, other materials became popular. Silver and Platinum were the other expensive materials that people could not afford easily when it came to wedding bands, so they started to use titanium and sterling silver as wedding rings. Like their predecessors, these rings were quite attractive and had a high element of durability when it came to wearing them for a very long time.

Shopping and caring for men’s wedding rings

Shopping for men’s wedding rings means you will get various options in the market. If you look at gold, you will find that it is a very soft metal and prone to scratches and tarnish. Gold rings need extra care when it comes to looking after them. To retain their sheen and shine for a long time, it is prudent for you to polish them with time. There are rings made of other materials like platinum and palladium. These materials like gold are excellent in quality and resistant to frequent wear and tear. Men prefer platinum wedding rings as they are more durable and they have a masculine appeal. Since men work outdoors, these rings are prone to less tarnishing, nicks, and scratches. Titanium is a material that most men prefer for their wedding ring primarily because they are hard and hypoallergenic.

Men’s wedding rings – Suggestions to care for your ring

Unless you are working in an office at your desk, you will find that your wedding band is prone to collect dirt and grime if you do not clean it properly. Most men work in outdoor jobs, and they find it very hard to keep their wedding rings free from dirt. The following are some simple cleaning tips that will help you take care of your wedding ring and make it shine and sparkle on your finger-

Jeweler tips for taking care of your wedding bands

When it comes to cleaning their wedding bands, most men can do it on their own. You can clean your wedding band by taking some liquid soap and warm water. Soak your wedding band in this solution for some time. Once you have soaked the band for at least 30 minutes, rinse it with warm water and allow the ring to dry in the air naturally. However, if you wish to remove the tarnish and scratches, your jeweler is the right person to contact.


Most of the time, you find your wedding band has lost its gemstones, and so here again, you need to take your ring to the jeweler to insert them back in. Some prongs hold the gemstones, and they tend to wear out with the passage of time. Take your wedding band to a qualified jeweler who will inspect the prongs and fix them for you. Most of the time, the jeweler has to do some repair work to fix the issue.

Polishing your wedding band

The need for polishing your wedding band will depend on the material it is made up of. If your wedding band is made of gold or silver, it requires regular polishing by a trained and qualified jeweler. A single polish might remove the nicks on the ring. However, you might need to conduct some minor repair work if they are very deep. Suppose you are in a profession that requires much hard manual labor. In that case, jewelers recommend you should go in for titanium or tungsten rings that have the reputation of maintaining a good polish and shine for several years.

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Men’s wedding bands may need replacing over time if the band is made of base metal and plated with silver or gold. If you have a wedding band made of base metal and holds silver or gold plating, consult a jeweler to help with maintenance and care tips for retaining the shine and polish of the ring for a long time.

DIY cleaning tips for your wedding band

If you wish to retain the shine and polish of your wedding band for a long time, you can take care of it at home. There are quick and simple DIY wedding band tips you can follow at home. Remember your wedding band will stay with you for life, which is why you must ensure that it shines with you till your last breath!

The following are some simple and quick DIY cleaning tips for your wedding band you can do at home-

If you check your wedding band, you will find that it attracts a lot of sweat, dirt, and grime. Cleaning experts say that it is prudent for you to clean your wedding band at least once in every 15 days to make it shine and sparkle for life. However, if you are too lazy, try to clean your wedding band at least once a week.

To clean your wedding band, you do not have to invest in costly jewelry polishes. Many kitchen items are cheap and safe for you to use for cleaning your wedding band. Listed below are four easy ways via which you can clean the dirt of your wedding band and make it look as good as new-

  1. Wedding bands with or without stones – Liquid soap is ideal for you to use when you wish to clean your wedding band. Choose a high-quality liquid soap and mix it with water. If your wedding band has gemstones, use a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt and grime that is stuck between the stones. Soak the ring for some time in warm water and a liquid soap solution. As listed above, this is one of the easiest and most popular ways via which you can clean your wedding ring on your own.
  2. Gold wedding bands without gemstones – Cold and light gold beer brews help you to clean your gold wedding band. Never use dark-colored beer brews. There are hops in beer brewing with unique alpha acids that help you clean off the dirt and grime from your wedding band. The light-colored beer has a lesser volume of hops, and they help you gently clean the wedding band. Here, you must pour the light-colored beer on a clean washcloth and rub the wedding band to remove stains and tarnished dirt. The hops in this beer will also help you protect your band’s surface. Once you have finished with the polishing, you should wipe the band’s surface dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  3. Silver wedding band without gemstones – This might sound surprising, but ketchup is an excellent cleaner for silver, and if you apply it on an old and soft toothbrush, you can scrub out the dirt and grime from your silver wedding band with success. It reaches into narrow corners and removes the dirt from the cracks. Ketchup contains vinegar and other natural acids that you find in tomatoes. They have the power to gently clean your ring, however, be powerful against the stubborn dirt that accumulates on its surface. However, when you have finished cleaning, immediately rinse off the ketchup well as it will cause the metal to break down if you are not careful.
  4. Wedding bands of all types with or without gemstones – Alka-Seltzer tablets are available in the market for headaches and are good for cleaning your wedding bands. These tablets have sodium bicarbonate and another anhydrous citric acid that create fizz. This fizz helps to clean out dirt from your wedding bands. Take some water and dissolve two tablets in it. Soak your wedding band in this solution for around 30 minutes. When the band has been soaked, take it out of the water and rinse it well. Dry the band with a soft cloth. Your wedding band will look as good as new.

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Therefore, if you want to take care of your wedding band. Keep these tips in mind. They are simple and affordable for you to follow to keep your wedding band sparkling and shining for life!

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