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Modern Man Caves

Back in the fifties and sixties being able to run a home successfully was seen as very much a womens job, to the point that young women attended classes on how to be the perfect housewife despite the fact that men were heads of the household. This meant that in a female orientated environment husbands craved a bit of peace and quiet for themselves. Whether it was somewhere to enjoy their TV shows, tinker with a DIY project or enjoy a cold glass of pale ale with friends before the game, so they retreated to a garden shed, study or basement to create their own spaces. Mind you, these days modern man caves are a far cry from sitting on an upturned bucket in a dusty, crowded shed and these 3.0 style ideas prove it!

Behind The Bar


What was once a few bottles in the garage has now turned into a fully stocked wet bar that allows you the comfort of enjoying a night down the pub in your home. It’s fantastic for those who’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to own their own establishment and if you don’t feel like taking orders, serving drinks and cleaning up at the end of the night, then a fully qualified team of bar staff are only a phone call away. Not everyone chooses to have an alcoholic drinks cabinet, health conscious guys have begun opting for juice, and smoothie counters and even hot dog stands, popcorn carts, chip and dip stations or BBQ grills so they can enjoy burgers without walking down to the kitchen.

Tantalizing Tech


Who wouldn’t want to have drones flying around the room? An automatic vacuum cleaner whirring around the floor? Virtual assistant speakers to check what’s in your mini fridge? One of the biggest changes to the ‘man cave’ or personal space is the amount of technology and fully automated systems that you’ll find. Many entrepreneurial guys, have rigged up smart touch security systems using CCTV cameras, video and audio equipment that’ll allow you to see who’s at the door without you leaving the room! Not to mention being able to communicate with visitors through a voice activated network before giving them a personal access code. It’s easier than ever to create a fully automated home and, thanks, to this site it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. Head over to Verizon to sign up now and you’ll be able to customize your Wi-Fi bundle too as well as improving your home’s broadband speed.  

Home Entertainment


Why bother getting cold, or wet when you can watch the latest blockbuster in a purpose-built screening room? Home cinemas have become exceedingly popular over the last few years, and plenty of guys have created theater rooms complete with velvet curtains, automatically dimming lights, soundproofed walls and reclining leather chairs. Movies are projected onto the wall or watched via an incredible 75-inch plasma television which also doubles as a gaming platform, just in case you want to invite your mates round for a marathon FIFA session!