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How to Make Sure Your Next Shopping Trip is as Stress-Free as Possible

As a man, the thought of going on a shopping trip with your partner will no doubt fill you with dread. Not only do you become the designated caddy for all her purchases, but you’re dragged into every dressing room so you can tell her, “No darling, your bum doesn’t look big in that.”

It’s not a pleasant experience, and can be one that you’ll try and get out with a whole host of elaborate excuses. In fact, statistics indicate that 80% of men hate shopping with their other half, and 45% will avoid it at all costs. But sometimes, you just have to take one for the team.

However, when the next shopping trip starts to loom, we’ve found something that will help to alleviate all the stress, and make you feel like you’re chilling at home in front of your favourite TV programme.

Sit Down, Relax and Enjoy the Experience

Introducing the Boyfriend Seat, which has been intelligently crafted by The Furniture Market, a UK-based furniture manufacturer. Not only has this chair being ergonomically designed to relieve all of the aches and pains of trekking around a shopping centre, but it also comes complete with a built-in charging dock and mobile phone holder.

Instantly, your shopping experience is transformed, as you’re able to sit back, relax and look at the footy scores, while your partner runs in and out of the changing room showing you the numerous outfits she’s already tried on ten times before. And the best bit is, you can even upgrade your chair so it comes with Wi-Fi – what more could you need?

Other Top Tips for Your Shopping Nightmare

Now you’re armed with the ultimate accessory for your next shopping trip, here are just a few other points as to how you can make sure it’s an enjoyable experience – for both you and your partner.

Don’t tell your wife she looks “fine” when she tries an outfit on, as this suggests she just looks average. Instead, use words such as gorgeous, fabulous or stunning. And never comment on the price tag – if you do, it’s highly likely that your partner will buy the item anyway, you’ll argue and the day will be ruined. Instead, try to tactically suggest she looked beautiful in the other dress she tried on at the other store (the one that was drastically cheaper).