Home Advice Make Canada your next gambling vacation.

Make Canada your next gambling vacation.

If A Gambling Vacation Is Your Thing Then Canada Should Be The Next Stop

If you like gambling and try to work it into your vacation, then you surely have already been to Las Vegas and Atlantic City numerous times. These places can be a lot of fun and there is something for everybody, sometimes you need something different. 

A trip to some Canadian cities for luxury casino experiences is a must. If you are looking for something different, then Canada has it all. The culture may seem like it’s American, but it honestly does have a culture all its own for you to enjoy. 

In this article, we will discuss why you should be thinking about a trip to Canada for your next gambling vacation. 

Take advantage of the currency.

Any trip to Canada is a good idea because of the favorable conversion rate that you’ll enjoy. You can end up staying there for much longer for what you would pay for a similar trip to Las Vegas. This means that all of your meals, lodging, and transportation costs will be around 30% less based on the most current conversion rate.

You can then stay a lot longer than just a vacation and treat it as gambling working vacation. Rent out an apartment by the month and settle in for a while to enjoy the luxury gambling facilities. DelSuites rent short-term apartments all over Canada, so they make a good choice. 

The one disadvantage is that your winnings will be in Canadian dollars, so worthless after you convert back to US dollars. 

Enjoy Europe close to home.

Cities like Quebec and Montreal are very European in the culture and the cuisine. You to feel like you are going to Europe without having to travel so far and spend so much money. 

You’ll be surrounded by the beautiful French language in Quebec and New Brunswick, so it will seem like you are far from home. Luckily, they are very bilingual, so you won’t have to struggle to remember your high school French. English is spoken everywhere in the Francophone provinces

Lots of options

There are over 100 casinos in Canada, with the largest one being in Quebec. So, pretty much whichever area suits your fancy most will have a casino nearby that you can enjoy. And they are very focused on the luxury aspect of gambling, so you will have very high-quality options as well. 

You can go any time of year and enjoy everything else on offer as well. There are casinos by the slopes to ski and then hit the tables for an Apreski evening. Or, go in the summer and do some outdoor activities when you aren’t gambling. 

As far as adult entertainment, Montreal has no peer in the US, even including Las Vegas. Your hedonistic side can shine through even in cold Canada. 

Basically, you can find whatever you’re looking for in a Canada vacation with a casino close by for gambling. 

image credit:Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels