Home Advice Why Lighting Your Home is No Longer Just Functional

Why Lighting Your Home is No Longer Just Functional

Lighting your home is important and as the winter months come around, the lights are in action for longer periods of time.  Even in the summer, we rarely go through a day without using the lights for a time.  So lighting is a functional element of the home but this doesn’t mean it needs to be boring – lighting can be a feature of the room, attractive and even fun!

Living room ceiling lights

Most of us like to have a central lighting feature in the living room, often complemented by standing or desk lamps and even spotlights.  That central ceiling light is a part of the décor of the room and is often chosen to fit in with other elements of the room in addition to being a functional piece. The days of simple cloth shades are behind us (although there’s nothing wrong with them!), and now there are lots of styles and brands of ceiling lights available in stores, including the modern style Astro ceiling lights.

If you like simple and minimalist styles, then the Pendant Lamp Cava 3 Copper is perfect.  This ceiling light uses three pendant lamps with stylish copper bulb holder fittings offering a nice contrast to the black twist fabric suspension cable.  The light is 120cm in height and needs around another 30cm for fitting.  It uses three bulbs to a maximum of 230 volts.

Modern and stylish, the Pendant Lamp Lotus 2 White uses white aluminium and real wood details to offer a sleek look that will coordinate with any room décor theme.  The clever use of the wood as a cork-like fitting for the suspension cable makes it easy to match with other wood in the room and means the lamp can also work in a hallway or dining room.  It has a suspension length of 135cm and uses one bulb up to 230 volts.


Kitchen lights

In the kitchen, lighting needs to be a balance of style and practicality.  One of the best ways to get the most from your kitchen lighting is to have styles that can be directed where you need them.  The Rail Track Spotlight Gissi 3 White available from Lampandlight.co.uk is a great example of a stylish light that can be directed to the areas of the kitchen you require it.  The track contains three spaced lights that can be moved around on the track and also moved in direction.  The track is 100cm in length and is made from white aluminium.  It can hols three bulbs up to 230 volts.

For a classic style kitchen, copper is popular for accents as well as cookware.  The Spotlight Jos 2 Copper offers the practicality of directional lighting with the stylish look of copper to work in these styles of kitchen.  The rustic appearance makes for a warm feel to a room and the adjustable shades mean light falls where you need it.  The lights are 30cm in length and 24cm in height while they will hold two bulbs up to 230 volts.