Home Advice In What Order do you Renovate a House?

In What Order do you Renovate a House?

In what order do you renovate a house?
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You are considering an extreme home makeover, and you are probably wondering how much money it will cost you, how long it will take, and how long you will have to vacate your home. According to Miami Tile & Renovation, home renovation involves several basic steps. The biggest projects are generally the ones to get done first. Accents and other simple forms of beautification will be added at the end when you renovate a house.

The Planning Stage

Before you begin your renovations, you will want to figure out exactly what you want to change about your home. You should make a list of everything that you would like done. Then you should prioritize the list. Ask yourself which renovations absolutely need to be done for the safety and structure of the home and which additions would simply be luxurious add-ons.

Once you have made a list, call a renovation company or home contractor to make an appointment for an estimate. The renovation company should be able to give you a price and tell you how long everything will take. In addition, if you are already paying for home warranty coverage, make sure you research whether or not your repair or renovation could be covered under this plan.

They are likely to have many options. They can also give you advice on the design of the rooms that you would like to change.


If your roof needs to be replaced, it is one of the first things a renovator will work on. They will take care of any structural problems at this time. It takes about three to five days to replace a roof.


Once a contractor is certain that the house can withstand renovations, they will be ready to work. The first thing they will do is gut the room or rooms that they will be refurbishing. If any of the rooms they are gutting will affect your comfort, you may want to think about vacating the premises at this point.

They may have to make construction carpentry at this point. Construction carpentry involves building temporary structures to support the work they do while they are there.

After they have gutted a room, they will check the electrical wiring and the plumbing. They will begin installing new appliances where they are needed. The kitchen can take a month to makeover, and so can each bathroom.

The windows will generally be replaced after the rooms are completed. They will then do any necessary finish carpentry, which is normally decorative rather than supportive.

Drywall, Painting, and Carpentry

Finally, the house renovation company will hang drywall and paint the interior of the home. They will put in any new flooring that needs to be installed and put the finishing touches on the house.

The siding and gutters will traditionally be the last thing that is replaced on a home. If you want additions such as a swimming pool, or a mother-in-law apartment in the garage, they will be done at this time.

When you renovate a house, the renovation is a long and arduous process. When people try to renovate their homes themselves, they often run into problems because they did not do everything properly. Hiring a professional renovations company and knowing what to expect will help you plan for your new home.

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