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Is Mobile Roulette Rigged?

Is Mobile Roulette Rigged?
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If you like to play games at an online casino, it is more than likely that you have played mobile roulette. We’ve all been there before. You collect a bonus for mobile roulette, and it all seems to be going to plan. Before you know it, you start losing every time the roulette wheel spins. One minute, you’re accumulating some impressive payouts. The next minute, it’s like the game is trying to work against you. Due to the nature of the game, this is a very common scenario for players. When this happens, it’s all too common for players to ask: “Is mobile roulette rigged?”

In this article, we’re going to reveal why mobile roulette is completely fair and trustworthy when you play at a legitimate online casino. Hopefully, we can reassure you that mobile roulette games are reliable and that there isn’t an evil online casino genius intervening with the outcomes. If you browse Reddit or an online casino forum, it’s not difficult to find a group of people who believe mobile roulette is a scam. Many of the people who post comments on this topic are 100% convinced that online casinos manipulate certain games like roulette and slots.

Of course, if you begin to read a lot of these comments, it’s easy to become skeptical of the honesty of online casinos. We’re not here to promise that every online casino on the internet is fair and reliable. Although the market is particularly safe in certain regions like the UK, scam casinos certainly still exist. Most importantly, it’s essential to release that most online casinos are completely safe and fair.

Why Online Casinos Use Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators are algorithms that produce millions of numbers every second. In the case of mobile roulette, that outcome will be a number between 0 and 36. Every spin, each number has an equal chance of landing. Each time a player clicks the spin button, the program will automatically choose one of the random numbers from the generator. It’s important to realize that online casinos have no way of controlling the outcome produced by Random Number Generators. The random number generators are programmed by third-party software companies like NetEnt and Microgaming. In addition to this, independent third-party organizations like eCOGRA examine them.

When it comes to legitimate mobile roulette games, you want to be looking for systems from the likes of Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Above all, valid gaming licenses and what makes an online casino safe to use. If online casinos are so safe, then why do players say that mobile roulette is rigged? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to always be a winner. You’ve probably heard the phrase before that the house always wins. This is very much the case. Because of this, there are always going to be winners, and there are always going to be losers. Due to the nature of online casinos and mobile roulette games, some players can suffer from something called “gambler’s remorse.” Basically, this happens when a player loses lots of money and simply cannot accept it.

It’s hard for some people to accept the fact that they’ve lost all of their money. As a result, these people like to point the finger and blame the online casino for being untrustworthy. The thing is, most of these people don’t understand the reasons why online casinos are safe and reliable to use in the first place. It’s certainly understandable that some gamblers are suspicious. However, jumping to the conclusion that mobile roulette is unsafe is simply irrational. Online casinos absolutely need to have random number generators integrated within the games to operate within the legal market. Therefore, it’s simply impossible for an online casino to manipulate the outcomes.

License Requirements for Mobile Roulette Sites

One important aspect to consider before playing mobile roulette is the gaming license that the casino has. Of course, some gaming licenses are better than others. The most reliable way to check if an online casino is legitimate or not is to check if it has a gaming license from the UK or Malta. In these countries, there are very serious rules and regulations surrounding gambling activities. The UK and Malta produce a significant part of their tax revenue from online gambling. Because of this, they can’t allow themselves to award gaming licenses to untrustworthy online casinos. The UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority have superb reputations for licensing only the most reliable and reputable online casinos.

Because of this, they will never sacrifice their good reputation by licensing an online casino that is not fair. The UK Gambling Commission conducts its very own tests at random. This ensures that casinos in operation are continuing to abide by the strict laws and licensing regulations. As long as you’re playing at a licensed online casino with roulette games from reputable developers like NetEnt and Microgaming, you can be sure that the results are completely random. Visit https://www.casimboo.com/roulette to experience safe roulette games for yourself. If you seem unlucky and lose your money, this is simply the nature of online gambling. If you speak with experienced players, they will tell you that this is an inevitable scenario if you play regularly.

What about Live Mobile Roulette Games?

Live roulette table
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Now that we’ve ruled out the notion that mobile roulette games are rigged, does the same apply to live mobile roulette games? Some players may think that it’s easier for online casinos to manipulate the outcome of games streamed from a live studio. When it comes to live mobile roulette, the answer is no different. The rule of thumb is to stay away from unlicensed online casinos. By doing this, you will easily stay away from live roulette games that could be rigged. As previously mentioned, you need to stick to licensed online casinos that provide games from trustworthy developers like Evolution Gaming. As a result, you should have no concerns in regards to the fairness of the results.

Believe it or not, live mobile roulette games are the most trustworthy roulette games out there. Considering there is usually more than one player on a table, there are always eyes on what the dealer is doing. Manipulating an algorithm is one thing. Trying to manipulate the results of a game that is being broadcast to a live audience is even more difficult. When you play mobile roulette with live dealers online, you can be sure that they do not have any way of manipulating the final result.

Here is a list of games providers that provide completely fair and reliable mobile roulette games online:

  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • Microgaming

In conclusion, you can be sure that the mobile roulette games at licensed online casinos are completely safe to use. The only algorithm in such games is a mathematical advantage for the online casino. This is the house edge. Basically, this is the only way online casinos can guarantee that they don’t go out of business.

Featured Image by Aidan Howe from Pixabay