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How to Improve Bedroom Performance

Men tend to lose their sexual stamina with age. This process is the worst sign of them getting old and losing their natural powers. The time they can perform reduces drastically, so, they are no longer sure if their partner can be satisfied.

Most men are of the opinion it is only the matter of size. They resort to various experiments with their body to increase it, or order male pills from https://www.smartcanadianpharmacy.com/male-penis-growth-pills.html and follow all instrutions to get quick result. However, scientists discovered it is not only about big size, but the general male libido which tends to decrease from year to year.

There are absolutely natural ways of raising it up to get more pleasure and give more positive emotions to a partner.

Drink More Water

Water works as a natural detox, it cleans our blood of harmful elements that cause aging process to converge quicker. 8 glasses a day can make you feel young and full of energy again.

Quit Bad Habits

Smoking and alcohol slowly ruin all systems of our body from the inside. We feel weaker and less healthy. That is why our desire for intimacy decreases. Even some good and expensive alcoholic beverages are not as innocent as one might think.

Just remember that these two are the cruelest enemies to your male health.

Check Your Diet

They say that meat is male product which contains all necessary hormones and protein that both have huge impact on sexual life. This theory is only partially correct. The list of food that can improve intimate stamina is a little bit larger:

  • Avocado – this fruit is a true Viagra alternative thanks to healthy fats and proteins it contains.
  • Almonds – substitute your regular snacks with a bunch of almonds and watch you brain work faster. Almonds fill blood with male hormones faster than anything else.
  • Garlic – it is a real miracle for sparkling sex drive. One clove of garlic is capable of directing powerful blood flow straight to genitals and keeping it there for some time.
  • Chili – these cuties are hot and they can make any man even hotter. Red pepper is responsible for endorphin production – every time we eat it, we automatically feel happier. They also stimulate those nerves that make our heart beat faster, which means more blood down there.
  • Seafood – natural aphrodisiac that works both sides – for men and women. Dream of a romantic night? Invite her for a romantic seafood dinner. You both will not regret it.


Train your body occasionally – choose any type of exercise that fits you and keep working on it. Keeping our body fit is one of the laws of staying in good sexual condition longer. You treat it right – it gives back to you with better sex drive.