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How to Underline the Book for the Exam, What are you doing wrong now?

How to Underline the Book for the Exam, What are you Wrong now?
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Let’s start by understanding what you are doing now to identify what is wrong and what you should do instead. No, it’s not delegating your assignments to a college essay writing service, but that can also help.

Underline too Much 

If they were to ask me, do you prefer who underlines the whole book or who underlines very little? 

I would definitely answer the second person.

To emphasize, the whole book is profoundly wrong. The underlining process reduces the complexity of what you are studying to eliminate, to remove. If you underline too much, you will not eliminate complexity, but you will keep it, which is bad. 

You need to be able to emphasize only what is really important in the book you are studying.

How? Understanding the most asked topics in the exam and informing yourself about the program. STOP.

The information you need is already available in the teacher’s program, the lessons, and the instructions you have received.

Don’t Prioritize Topics

Ok, we understand that pointing out everything is wrong. Do not forget, however, that it is equally important to underline the whole book with the same color.

Remember: your goal is to reduce complexity. 

For this reason, you can choose different colors to highlight:

  1. Very important things
  2. Pretty important things
  3. Unimportant things. 

First, you will study them more carefully (and maybe you will schematize them or summarize them), second, read them in-depth, and third, fly over them or make rough sketches. 

Be like a professional providing writing help – concise and to the point.

Don’t Get Familiar with the Book

Another catastrophic mistake is opening the text and reading without deepening the book’s index and its various parts. 

Absurd. Suppose in the book there are 1/3 of topics that interest you, and the rest is pure rubbish.

Studying as you’ve always done, you would go through all that pitiful breakup and waste a lot of time. 

Listen to me: open the book, leaf through it, and become familiar with its content. You understand how the chapters and the sub-chapters are articulated. And finally, highlight the chapters to study. You will be surprised how easier it will be to read a book you already know something about. 

A bit like dating a girl/guy and already knowing what topics to discuss to impress her/him: D. 

My methodology for underlining the book for the exam

Now you should have figured out what you were doing wrong in your studio an hour ago. Let’s take all the bug fixes, put them together, and devise a methodology to summarize today. Additionally, you can increase the time you have to learn by employing student help services like us.masterpapers.com.

Step 1 – What Does the Teacher Want?

In the first step, your task will be to understand:

  • What does the teacher ask for in the exam?
  • What is the exam program?
  • What are the things I need to know? And the ones that I can also skip?

Mark everything and go to step two.

Step 2 – Put the Study Material Together

Put together your notes, handouts, slides, and book. See how all the material fits together. Check if in the study material there is everything you need for the study or if you need to find the missing topics externally. Then move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Approach the Book

Do you remember what was said before? Open the book, scroll through the table of contents, chapters, and sub-chapters and underline all the important topics for your exam in the index. Your job is to figure out exactly where the various topics for the exam are placed within the chapters. Then move on to step 4.

Step 4 – Emphasize and Prioritize

Colored highlighters to underline
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Step 4 is to underline the exam topics with different colors, as suggested above. Then choose three colors based on high priority – medium or low and underline. 

For each different color, a different study action must correspond.

Let’s say you choose pink as important, green as a medium, and yellow as slightly important. 

Everything you underline in red deserves to be schematized (it’s just an example!), Green you can read in-depth and mark the main terms, and in yellow, you read quickly. 

You must decide what action to give to each color and, let me tell you. This action depends from subject to subject (scientific or humanistic that they are).

One More Weapon, Excellent Summarizing

Underlining is one thing, but you should also learn to summarize and write proficiently. This article should help you with that – 7 Tips to Make Essay Writing in College a Breeze


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