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How to Write a Ten-Page Essay in a Short Period of Time?

How to Write a Ten-Page Essay in a Short Period of Time?
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Writing a ten-page essay is difficult, especially if you only have limited time. However, with the appropriate technique, you can deal with it successfully and without losing too much time. 

This article will cover some crucial ideas for writing your ten pages quickly without sacrificing overall quality. Mind you. You can always outsource your essays to a professional essay writer if you don’t have time to complete your assignments.

You won’t waste time doing worthless things if you know what to do and how to focus your efforts. A single day may be sufficient to finish any project.

What Should You Pay Attention to in a 10-Page Essay?

When writing your essay, there are numerous elements to consider, but the most significant are:


Most essay genres must adhere to a specific format. Although slight variations are permitted, it is normally suggested that you strictly adhere to the instructions provided by your college and your instructor.

Sources of information 

An academic paper cannot exist apart from other studies on its topic. Furthermore, the number of distinct sources used and their relative worth are used to assess its quality.


Students may believe that academic institutions place too much emphasis on paper format, yet this is a fact of academic life. If you want a decent grade, you must structure your paper in the format suggested by your institution, whether it is APA, MLA, or anything different.

Proofreading and editing

This sometimes overlooked step can make or destroy your writing. Your proofreading ability influences how polished your writing will be. At this stage, small actions can go a long way toward ensuring your success.

Is It Possible to Write a 10-Page Essay in One Night?

Of course, the ideal method to cope with an urgent assignment is to sit down and write it right away rather than leave it until the last minute. But what if you’ve already procrastinated and just have one night to create ten full pages of content, complete with extensive research and bibliography? A homework helper can deliver quality essays for top grades if you don’t want to complete your 10-page essay due to personal reasons.

At first look, it appears impossible; nevertheless, if you play your cards well and use the few hours remaining until the deadline with care, it is doable. It won’t be simple, but it’s feasible. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Create a strategy for your paper

You may be tempted to begin writing as soon as possible, but trust us when we say that ten to twenty minutes spent planning may save you at least a few hours of editing and revisions. Write out how you want to introduce your topic, which points are to be stated and when, how they are to be related, your paper’s thesis statement, how you intend to conclude your study, and so on. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll simply have to write it down in greater detail, which will be far easier than writing page after page directly from your mind.

Make a strategy for your task

Allow enough time to divide the essay writing process into parts, each dedicated to a different stage of your work. Determine how much time you estimate each stage to take. For example, gathering sources takes one hour, reading the sources takes two hours, and so on. This way, you’ll be able to observe whether any stages are taking too long and if you should pick up your pace.

Use sophisticated search tools to find sources

Google search
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Want to avoid wasting time? Don’t be afraid to employ the most effective search methods. Google Scholar, Elsevier, and EBSCO are among the finest (among those that are not discipline-specific). Organize all of your sources so that you know which chapter of your paper they pertain to. The expert essay writers at grade miners can save you all stress and deliver a quality 10-page essay.

Use citation management software

Fill out a citation management tool with all the references you find beneficial and relevant to your study. This will simplify their management and save you a lot of time. Type your article while keeping a close eye on the source material. To prevent being accused of plagiarism, be sure that anything you don’t quote is 100% unique.

Examine your essay’s format

Every academic paper follows stringent formatting guidelines (APA, MLA, Harvard styles, etc.). Make certain that you strictly adhere to the restrictions established by your college.

Check the essay for errors

It’s normal to make mistakes when writing. They may, however, prove to be pricey. Pay close attention to grammar, syntax, logic, and writing consistency.

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Given the time constraints, you may not be able to create a perfect paper, but following these procedures will help you compartmentalize your resources and emerge with an essay that is at least passable and fits the standards given by your college.


Jilian Woods is a top-notch writer with seven years of experience in academic papers: all essay types, research, and term papers. When it comes to A+ academic writing, you possibly can’t find someone better. Jilian also has a master’s degree in journalism. She’s also a guest contributor on various informational resources, covering the most trending topics.

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