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How to Appear More Attractive In Dating Profiles

Appear More Attractive In Dating Profiles
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How to Appear More Attractive In Dating Profiles

Everyone wants to appear more attractive in their dating profile, which is not necessarily bad. The trick is how to appear more attractive in dating profiles but keeping it honest and not misleading. 

When you first meet someone, you want to make the best possible impression. And with online dating, that impression happens way before you even get to see each other in person.

Appear More Attractive In Dating Profiles
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In fact, a bad impression at this point could prevent the person of your dreams from swiping right.

So in this post, we’re going to cover some of the best tips to help you enhance your natural beauty in your dating profile

Set the scene

When you take pictures for your online dating profile, you want to get the best lighting and angle possible. We’re not looking for deception, but that under-face, the double-chin angle isn’t doing anyone any favors. 

You should also choose a variety of pics instead of just selfies. Posting only selfies sends the message that either you’re full of yourself or have no friends (or a combination of both). You don’t necessarily need other people in your dating profile pictures, but you should have a few that were clearly taken by someone else.

Change up the background and try to include a mix of interesting scenery and simple backgrounds. Bonus points if the picture hints at a hobby of yours.

Choose recent pictures

If you’re in your 50s, no one cares what you looked like in high school. And it’s dishonest to add pictures of yourself that don’t represent who you are anymore.

Although you want to put your best foot forward, you don’t want your pictures to look so good that someone is disappointed when they meet you in person. 

After all, the goal is to get (and keep) a date. You don’t want them to walk out before you get a chance to say hello. The right person will see who you are in your profile pic and swipe right. 

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Get a second opinion.

Get someone you trust to review your dating profile to see how it comes across. You don’t want to be the person who inadvertently adds sexual innuendo or makes themselves sound sleazy. Side note: if that’s the look you’re going for, do you. But if not, get someone else’s opinion on your profile before it goes live. 

Show your sensitive side.

Why not include a pic of you and your four-legged best friend? Regardless of how people feel about pets, this shows that you have a sensitive side and care about more than just yourself. Better yet it will also help you find a potential partner who is an animal lover as well, Table For Two is a dating service that has been created to bring together liked minded professionals and there’s nothing quite like a common interest than a love for our furry friends. Some people see pet owners as kind and empathetic, which are traits that your potential mates will undoubtedly find attractive. 

The same could be true about kids, but this can also be risky, depending on what you’re after. Adding pics with kids can imply that you’re a father or want to become one soon. You may want to send that message, but if not, stick to the animal pictures. 

Above all else, try to be yourself when creating your dating profile. It’s the best way to ensure you find the right match. Of all the dating advice for men available online, authenticity is probably the most important.