Home Advice How the Internet Has Created Opportunities for People with Disabilities

How the Internet Has Created Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for able bodied and disabled people alike. Thanks to the internet, we can now connect to people in all corners of the globe, simply by virtue of a computer, tablet or smartphone. This is fantastic if you want to shop online or chat to friends, but how does it work for disabled people working in the arts and entertainment sector?

Social Media Connections

Social media enables people from all over the world to connect online. Since Facebook, and its predecessor My Space took off in such a big way, users have found a little corner of cyberspace to call their own. From a self-marketing perspective, this is very important, for it means you can make important contacts within the arts and entertainment industry (or indeed any industry) without leaving your home.

Disabled people often have mobility problems, so catching a train to an event or catching up with fellow performers is not always easy. Social media (and the internet in general) has made this a thousand times easier. Instead of making a long, laborious journey, you look someone up online and connect with them.

Share Your Experiences Online

One of the best things about the internet is that it allows people to share their life and everyday experiences with others. It helps people to realize that they are not alone and someone, somewhere is going through things that are very similar. For a disabled person, this can be very heart-warming, especially if they are having a hard time because of health issues or personal problems.

Promote an Event

If you have an event to promote, or you want to attract new members to your group, the internet is an important place to begin your marketing efforts. You can create a website or group on social media, all without leaving your desk. For people with disabilities, this makes life a lot easier.

Everyday Tasks are Easier Online

What a lot of able bodied don’t understand is that simple, everyday tasks are incredibly complex when you are living with a disability. For example, a person with a visual impairment finds it hard to negotiate the aisles of a grocery store because there are so many obstacles and they can’t see what’s on the shelves. With the aid of Voice Over software, websites become accessible and shopping online is suddenly not so difficult. Unfortunately, a lot of disabled people have been left behind while the rest of the world gets online.

When the Internet Fails Disabled People

Web accessibility for disabled people is not universally available. A lack of funding, resources and equipment means many disabled people have never had the opportunity to explore the online world and therefore have no idea what a fantastic resource it can be.

Thankfully there are many charity groups and government organizations trying to address this problem, so if you know a disabled person who isn’t yet online, give them a helping hand. And if they don’t yet have internet set up at home, tell them to find out more about AT&T Internet plans.