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High-quality Vegan Wallets, Belts and Bags from Doshi


Doshi is a new, eco-friendly, luxury vegan brand that brings the finest and most unique vegan materials to eco-conscious shoppers. The Southern California brand was founded with the principles of veganism, quality, and sustainability in mind. 

Doshi’s passion for creating luxury, vegan accessories has taken them to create accessories for work, leisure, and travel, all designed with unique touches tailored to the needs of the wearer. 

Why is Doshi’s vegan leather different than regular vegan leather?  

Doshi uses the highest quality of vegan leather available on the market today: microfiber vegan leather. It looks, feels, performs, and lasts just like high quality animal leather without the added weight of animal cruelty. They choose this material for its durability, similarity, and versatility in use. 

Ordinary vegan leather used by most companies is made from polyurethane (PU), a cheap substitute for animal leather that has been used for decades. This version of vegan leather has given the material category as a whole a bad name due to the fact that it easily scratches, peels and breaks. 

Doshi is committed to creating the best accessories that do not peel and scratch and will last for years. The brand believes that durable products are one key part of sustainability; the longer a product lasts, the fewer new products are needed, and fewer wind up in landfills.

bifold wallet

Doshi Classic Bifold Vegan Wallet

Vegan Wallets Made From Sustainable Materials 

Doshi is increasing the use of sustainable materials that work in harmony with nature. They expanded their offerings this year by creating more items out of Kraft paper, a light yet durable material which is largely cellulose based, meaning that it is largely biodegradable. Doshi now offers vegan wallets and a vegan men’s belt from this material. 

Belt made from kraft paper
Belt made from kraft paper

Doshi has also introduced products made from Pinatex, a material created from pineapple leaves that are left behind after pineapple harvests to create a natural textile. They carry wallets and belts for men and women in this material and have plans to expand their offerings in the future.

These gorgeous materials are not only eco-friendly but also remarkably durable and just as beautiful as traditional leather. With these innovative materials, Doshi continues their work by creating high-quality, sustainable and cruelty-free accessories.