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Top 5 Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends
Image by chien than from Pixabay

Top 5 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends do not happen overnight. It is only natural that people’s prolonged stay at home during the pandemic will affect design trends in 2021. As interior design trends come and go, one thing remains, which is that your home should always be a place of comfort for you. 

The interior design trends for 2021 ensure that your home brings a sense of peace and comfort while focusing on your taste and preferences. 

Interior Design Trends
Image by chien than from Pixabay

Want to update your home for the coming year? Check out the top interior design trends for 2021: 

1. Personalization

One of the best upcoming interior design trends is personalization, emphasizing the individual’s taste and preferences. A personalized approach to decorating your home means that your interests and tastes are essential factors when making any design decision. 

With this individualization trend, designer furniture has become more popular these days. People who can afford the high price tags are enlisting famous style designers and artists’ talents to create one-of-a-kind design pieces such as armchairs, sofas, and even carpets. 

Although unique designer furniture and statement pieces will surely make your space stand out, the great thing about personalization is that you do not have to limit yourself to expensive pieces. 

There are many affordable furniture and décor pieces that you can easily customize to give it your personal touch. For example, customization can mean changing the location of lamps, shelves, or modules to spots that people would not normally expect. Adding smaller decor furniture pieces is something that can accentuate the bigger pieces as well.

Besides finding design tips and inspirations, you can also purchase different kinds of decor and products online. Once you have seen the various design options available, develop your own aesthetic sensibility and not just follow the mainstream. 

As much as you want your home to be a visually appealing space, remember that it should also cater to your needs. Your home should both reflect your personality and promote functionality. 

2. Natural Materials

Interior design that is in harmony with nature is one of the trends to watch out for in 2021. How do you incorporate nature when designing your home? The most obvious way is to place plants all over your house. Another way is to include sustainable materials such as wood, stone, glass, and metal in your décor. 

You can also display photographs or murals depicting nature themes if you cannot incorporate natural materials. The important thing is that your home makes you feel refreshed and one with the earth. 

There are many ways to include nature in your home. One way is to use furniture, rugs, baskets, or other accessories made from natural fibers such as wicker, rattan, hemp, or jute. Wood, cork, or bamboo floors will make your room feel warmer and cozier as well. 

The great thing about natural materials is that they come in different textures and designs, which will help enhance your home’s overall look. Whether you go with a rustic and cozy design theme or a tropical and relaxing vibe, living in a nature-inspired environment will make your life much brighter. 

3. Harmonious Colors

Colors play an integral part in interior design. Focusing on wellbeing through color and design continues in 2021. The right combination of colors brings out a cohesive look and pleases your senses as well. 

Here are some key colors to inspire you: 

  • Dusky Orchid – Deeper and darker shades of lilac and pink exuding comfort and calm
  • Warm Greens – Shift towards warmer nuances and emphasizing nature and sustainability
  • Electric Blue – Daring and bold hyper-real electric blue shades that can come in high gloss, mat metallic, and ultra matt suede’s finishes

4. Metals

Metals, as part of your interior decoration, is another technique that you can try. Whereas before furniture with metal finishing was mainly seen in the bathroom and the kitchen, you can see it more in every part of the house these days. 

Design pieces in warm metals such as brass, bronze, and copper are popular since they complement other kinds of materials. An example would be metal lamps fitting in with marble, glass, and concrete coffee tables, which also look perfect with velvet furniture or dark brown wood pieces. 

Black metal coatings work well with any interior and lend an elegant touch to any space. Gold, copper, silver accent details in stainless steel cabinets and fixtures or even a full-metal kitchen design also give brass a warm shine in a minimalist setting. These metal finishing’s blend in with wood, granite, and marble as well.

5. Everyday Luxuries

With people staying at home because of Covid-19, incorporating little bits of everyday luxuries in your home decoration is one way to keep busy and stay in good spirits. Small luxuries could come in expensive scented candles, bed linens, and other things that can brighten a room. 

You can also include furniture such as round-shaped sofas, armchairs, and ottomans made of velvet upholstery to give your room a more lux feeling. Remember to choose colors that go well with velvet, such as sapphire, citrine, emerald, and amethyst. Try vintage furniture and incorporate art deco elements to make your space more classic and elegant as well.