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Great Healthy Sex Tips For Men

Sex is both a physical and mental pursuit that feels like it should have an instruction guide sometimes. Just as is the case with everything else, the preferences of one person may be quite different from those of another. It can be quite challenging to find the right ingredients to an orgasmic and connected sex life.

It is important for all men to participate in activities that maintain their overall health since this plays into sexual health. Eating right, reducing stress, and avoiding bad habits such as the excessive smoking and drinking of alcohol can help keep you in great shape. A healthy lifestyle can also give you sexual confidence, which is not a negative side effect. Once you have the mental side of your sex game sorted, the focus should now move to the physical side.

Healthy Sex Do’s

For sex to be great, it does not have to be like the movies. It is between your partner and yourself to discover what turns on and what connects you both. Here are some times guaranteed to take your sex a notch higher.

Become a Master of Foreplay

The key “triggers” for people may seem very different with regards to foreplay. For instance, if you ask your partner if he would like to have sex and he quickly responds in the negative, you might be asking the right question with either the wrong body language or words.

Foreplay is all about the wanting and emotion. It is important to show that you are not just interested in sex, but that you are interested in having sex with your partner, specifically.

The Misconceptions and Realities Surrounding Masturbation

Masturbation helps release chemicals in the body that provide stress relief and simply make you feel great. One misconception that some people have is that they should not masturbate if they are in a relationship. It is first important to discuss with your partner regarding how they feel about masturbation and have a clear understanding of what isn’t and what is okay. It is advisable for couples to try masturbating in front of one another. Doing this can not only teach you about your partner’ pleasure zones, but can help demystify the act for your partner.

The other common misconceptions are that masturbation can weaken an erection or that doing it too much or too often can harm the penis. While you can chafe or injure the skin due to masturbation, there usually isn’t any harm in doing it. The only major difference is to ask whether it affects daily activities or how you live your life. If the answer is yes, there might be a deeper connection between masturbation for you that you need to talk to your doctor about.

Healthy Sex Don’ts

During the Act

When it comes to sex, the important don’ts are sometimes the easiest to say but the hardest to grasp. However, time-tested knowledge and biology make a majority of these actions major don’t with regards to sex.

Acting like sex is a chore or rushing through it. This is particularly true if you are the one in the driver’s seat giving your partner oral sex or some other form of stimulation. Sex is all about taking time and enjoyment.

Expecting Reciprocation or Gratitude. While you can expect to give and receive most times, demanding is a totally different thing. You should not expect applause each time you engage in foreplay. In the bedroom, things should be done because you want to and not because you expect many thanks or because you have to.

Other Important Don’ts You Should Know

One major sex don’t is to focus on the end result instead of the journey. Others include:

Engaging in rough play or sex without talking to your partner. Safe words that indicate when you go too far exist for this reason. Establish one if the line between pain and pleasure is crossed.

Obviously, if you have sex regularly with different people make sure to check for STDs, with a service like Safer STD testing.

Allowing Distractions in: No phone answering, texting, or stopping to check game scores.

Calling your partner by another name. This is quite self-explanatory.

Staying Completely Quiet: From words of encouragement to moans, letting your partner know that you are into it goes a long way.