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The Golden Rules About Dating Women Abroad

At the time of writing the United Nations has 193 member states. In other words, there are almost 200 different nationalities in the world. Within each nation there are numerous different cultural groups. In India alone there are over 2,000. So when it comes to international dating the types of partner you might meet are endless. If you are traveling, whether on a business trip or a holiday, what are the golden rules you must be aware of when it comes to hooking up with locals? The dating expert Blog Alex Reddle is showing the key factors to take into account when dating someone abroad.

Cultural expectations

One of the key pieces of advice is to do a bit of homework. Whether you use the Internet or buy yourself an inexpensive guidebook, it pays to have advance knowledge of your intended destination. No matter what country you end up in, the women will have expectations of how men act towards them. These attitudes are driven by centuries of cultural evolution, so it definitely makes sense to get to know your way around what can be a potential minefield.

While this might seem a daunting task, what you do have in your favor is that foreign women won’t expect you to get everything right straight away. In fact, watching a tourist making a brave attempt to get to grips with aspects of the culture he is visiting can be quite endearing. The female you are trying to impress is likely to cut you some slack.

With so many variations in behavior it certainly helps to build a picture prior to embarking on your journey. You can ask basic questions. How do Hispanic girls deal with guys hitting on them? What conversation topics should be avoided in Eastern Europe? How do females like to be entertained in the Far East? It goes without saying that everyone you are likely to meet is an individual who will have their own unique tastes and outlook on life. But there are certainly broad cultural mores and customs you need to be aware of.

Language barriers

No female is going to expect you to be a fluent speaker of their native language. But it would be a big mistake to jump to the arrogant conclusion that everyone around you will have a confident grasp of English. Again, you can do a lot of preparation prior to travel. There are apps that can offer a crash course in different languages, or you could purchase an inexpensive phrase book. If you pick up a basic vocabulary you will arrive with the ability to at least show willing when it comes to making a romantic connection.

Getting to know a local girl can become a lot of fun as your subject laughs at some of your efforts. Your attempts at conversation may be rudimentary, but they’ll demonstrate a degree of commitment that will be extremely impressive.

The perils of pick-up likes

One aspect of behavior that cuts across international boundaries is the ability to identify when someone is being fake. It’s one thing to try chatting up a girl you’ve met in a coffee shop or bar by using the old cliches – do you come here often, what beautiful eyes you have – and so on. Your subject will expect to hear these conversational snippets when you are breaking the ice. But no one will be impressed by standard pick-up lines. These are easily detectable, no matter what language you are trying to use.

The best advice is to get to know her first by asking politely about places to visit, or local cuisine and customs. Ensure you build up her confidence by not being pushy.

Offering to pay

Although opinion is divided on the subject, once couples become familiar with each other in the western world they will tend to ‘go Dutch’ when it comes to settling a restaurant bill. Some women will actually be offended if the guy doesn’t let her pay her way. But in certain countries this is a definite ‘no no’ and insult will be taken if you expect your dining partner to produce her wallet at the end of the meal. The golden rule is always to offer to do the gentlemanly thing. Sharing the expense should always be an option, not an assumption.

Being affectionate in public

A modicum of preliminary research will let you know how local girls are liable to react once you’ve got to know each other well enough to display affection. Couples in the western world are more open to being tactile. But in parts of the Far East any type of physical contact is strictly for behind closed doors. If you kiss your date in public in Thailand she will be extremely embarrassed. Again, the golden rule is get to know local customs beforehand. After that, everything should slot into place naturally.