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DIY Projects to Do in Your Very Own Kitchen

Kitchen utensil rack
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is where families and friends gather to cook, eat, socialize, and relax. Rather than being a room solely for cooking and storing food, kitchens can be lively spaces where everyone can join in on preparation, tasting new creations, and enjoying food together.

This means that this particular room is often seen and used by many people that may not live with you, and so you might find yours needs some additional features to keep your visitors comfortable and inspired. They don’t come cheap, though, so we’ll list some ways that you can spruce up your kitchen with DIY projects and surprise your guests without getting the whole room remodeled.

Tiled Backsplash

Tiled kitchen backsplash
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When it comes to cooking, you can often find yourself with messy worktops covered in crumbs and spices and walls covered in sauce splatters. This is where backsplashes come to the rescue, preventing walls from long-term damage by providing an easy to clean surface. As well as being practical, backsplashes can act as an interior feature that contributes to the aesthetic of the room. This is the first of three DIY projects that will make a difference in your kitchen.

With an array of tiles available, from large neutral tiles to bright, patterned ones, you can achieve just about any desired look to suit the style of your kitchen. Choosing the perfect tiles for you is perhaps the most difficult task in the process, thanks to the wide variety of options, although many companies will send out free samples for you to try out.

Once you’ve finally made your decision and purchased your tiles, all you need to do is prepare your wall and glue the tiles in place using a specialized all-purpose glue and then do the grouting. Voila, with strong adhesive, your tiles are there to stay and keep your kitchen looking clean, fresh, and stylish.


Aside from cooking, kitchens are used to store every grocery shop you do. Often, cupboards are so full that slices of bread can jump out at you whenever you open the cupboard doors. While having a big clear-out should probably be the first thing to do if this applies to you, organizing your space can also be a great long-term solution.

For the most part, cupboards come with shelves and a door to keep your belongings out of sight. Yet, a little bit of modification can go a long way. Whether a cupboard or a pantry door, you have the option to create your very own slim shelving unit that could be hung or screwed into place to provide a little extra space for your food items to go – perfect for little items like herbs and spices.

Add a shelf for spices in your kitchen
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Drinks Racks

So far, we’ve spoken all about storing food, but what about drinks? Whether a bottle of cordial or a bottle of wine, these must be stored somewhere. Now that kitchens have become more social spaces, easy access to drinks where a quick top-up can be made is a necessity. This is where drinks racks, also known as wine racks, come in handy.

To build one yourself, all you need are some planks of wood that you can cut to size and screw together to form a place for your bottles to live. You can treat it how you want, so if you’re going for a rustic theme, then you could leave it as it is, or if your kitchen is more modern, you could give it a lick of paint. 

Here are just three examples of DIY projects for your kitchen, from cooking surfaces to storage solutions, that you can do yourself in your own home to spruce up your kitchen. Feeling inspired?

Featured Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels