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Cool Brands For Added Style

How can you tell whether you are cool or not? The best way is to take a look at all the brands that you use in your life. There are always long lists of the coolest brands that get released each year by various marketing groups. And these are, more often than not, based on which are selling the most. If people are buying them, then there must be a strong demand for them, right?

So, which brands have been ranking high throughout the first few months of 2017? Here are the ones that marketers say have been selling like hot cakes!


When it comes to deciding which cool sneakers or t-shirt to wear to the gym, Adidas always seems to come out top these days. Just a few years ago, it looked like Nike had the world of sports under its thumb, but recently Adidas have snatched it back from them. This could all be down to the popularity of the brand’s shoes. In fact, their sneakers haven’t just outvoted Nike – it was found that Adidas sneakers are currently proving to be more fashionable than even high-fashion shoes from Gucci!



Need a new laptop? The chances are that you will head straight to your nearest Apple store and purchase a Mac. Apple is another brand that has steadily been growing in popularity over the years. And it could all be down to the hipsters. Whenever you walk into a fancy coffee shop, you will see lots of hipsters typing away at their Macs. As they are so visible, they become highly desired and tied into our image of what is cool. It’s not only their laptops that have helped the brand; their iPods have also put them at the top of the music industry!

Monster Energy

One of the most surprising trends with young people at the minute has to be energy drinks. Whether they need to stay up all night studying or partying, lots of teens and twenty-somethings now rely on these caffeinated drinks. And their drink of choice appears to be Monster Energy. As a matter of fact, this brand has become so cool that it has managed to bag sponsorship deals for a number of top sporting events and teams.



Not many of us watch TV when it is broadcast these days. The majority prefer to watch it on demand at a time that suits them. Even though there are now various on-demand platforms for TV shows and movies, the king of them all is still Netflix. And that is probably because they are now producing some highly rated TV shows themselves. Thanks to shows such as Stranger Things and The OA, Netflix has gone from strength to strength and has really revolutionized the way we watch our favorite shows and movies.

So next time you need to buy some new sportswear or need a drink to perk you up, you know which brands to choose! And they will seriously help you improve your street cred!