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Choosing The Right Style For An Active Career

When some men get ready for work, they pick out their best designer suit from the wardrobe. This suit should, of course, be fitted to perfection and not be hanging loose in any areas. They might select a silk tie with a leather strap watch that matches it perfectly. They might also think about shoes designed to impress, not necessarily for comfort. And don’t forget to make them shine with a good dollop of polish. It will be important for their hair to look neat and tidy. But they can experiment with different styles and lengths. What have we just described? This might be how a man on Wall Street gets ready for work in the morning. Or perhaps even a business owner. But what about a member of the police force (as you can see what they wear differs around the world), the army or someone working in construction. What type of styles and accessories should these men be thinking about?


Shoes For Comfort And Practicality

If you think about it, a policeman isn’t going to be in the office sitting at a desk for most of the day. Just read recent stories  Instead, they are going to be out on the street. At some point, they might even be running for a long period. Blisters on the foot or pain in the ankle could lessen the chance of catching a fleeing criminal. That’s why you will hardly ever see a police officer wearing pointed shoes with a heel. Instead, they might be wearing a pair of Adidas GSG9. This shoe is designed for both comfort and style, worn by some of the top enforcing officers across the world. It’s perfect for the many who spends his time on duty out on the streets in the real world.

Loose Fitting Clothing

In another area of a city, you might find a builder working on a construction site of even an architect. For these individuals, it’s important that their clothes aren’t too tight or constricting. This could stop them being able to maneuver through compact spaces. But at the same time, they still need to look professional. That’s why you will often find construction workers wearing loose clothing that isn’t too informal. As well as this an architect might wear a suit to work. But it will most likely not be fitted to perfection.

Safety Gear

Style is all well and good, but in these types of careers it is crucial to wear the correct safety gear like this BMXer. This should of course come before the types of style and how you look in the mirror. The type of safety gear we’re talking about could be hard helmets or padded clothing. You won’t win any fashion awards, but you will make sure you’re protected on the job.


Lastly, there are a few different accessories you can think about for an active career. For instance, it’s recommended that you do have a watch to keep track of the time. You don’t want to have to take out your phone every so often. At the same time,  you should make sure this watch is built for durability and to withstand harsh conditions. You may also want to think about buying stylish cases for all your tech. Trips and falls are common in active careers, and a broken Iphone could ruin a good day at work.