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Can I Pre-pay for a Funeral?

Can I Pre-pay for a Funeral?
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Funerals seem to get more expensive each year, leading to a rise in pre-payment funeral insurance and plans. These pre-payment and planning options take the financial sting out of a funeral and relieve the family and loved ones left of making the arrangements. Sounds great, right? However, before you decide that this option is for you, it’s essential to understand what is involved and what you want, as each plan and provider often offers different things. In addition, it’s important to know exactly what’s included in your pre-paid funeral package so you can have everything you wish for at your send-off without blowing your budget. This forethought will give you peace of mind that funeral and financial preparations are in place to take the pressure off your family and loved ones. 

Pre-Paid Funerals 

Sometimes even considering a funeral is tough, so many people prefer to take a DIY planning approach instead of leaving that burden to others. The pre-planning process provides opportunities for honest conversations about your wishes while choosing all elements that are important to you as an individual for your send-off with the professional you have chosen personally handling the arrangements when the time comes. 

Pre-paid funeral plans allow for payment in several ways: in monthly installments, lump sums at intervals, or a one-time complete fee if you meet or exceed the age limits which determine your payment structure. However, as an average funeral these days costs £4,000 or more, handling the arrangements ahead of time will take the pressure and worry away from your loved ones, which ultimately makes sense.

Why in a Nutshell

There are many reasons that a pre-paid funeral plan is good for you. First, it allows you or your family to make funeral arrangements and payments in advance to plan what’s best in your individual circumstances. From there, you can purchase a suitable plan with a clear view of all costs while fixing the overall expense ahead of time. This helps your family avoid financial issues associated with funerals and allows people to organize their affairs. It makes sense to be organized and leave no nasty or costly surprises for loved ones to contend with. 


In a recent move that’s good news for consumers, all pre-paid funeral plans in the UK are now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This change provides much greater protection and screening of providers and protects funds paid by individuals to provide additional peace of mind. Visit the FCA website for more information. 

Contact County Funerals for More Pre-Paid Funeral Information

If you think a pre-paid funeral would be a good fit for you, contact County Funerals. We are experts in handling all the funeral arrangements you or a loved one may require with respect and care. Additionally, our experienced Funeral Directors can help you plan every detail of your send-off day, taking pressure off your family to make decisions or arrangements. Visit the County Funerals website or call our compassionate team here.