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The Definitive Guide to Funeral Flowers

The Definitive Guide to Funeral Flowers
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Flowers always seem to be one of the first things we think of when we want to send a sympathy gift. This sentiment is usually correct, but what makes funeral floral arrangements different from other flower arrangements? The differences may be subtle, but since it is such a delicate time, it’s important to do your research before selecting the perfect flowers for a funeral. 

It’s also important to note that funeral flowers are different from sympathy flowers. A funeral floral arrangement is to be sent to the funeral home itself for the service. Try and envision your flowers and how they would look around other plants and greenery to decide if they would be appropriate.

Choosing the right arrangement will add color to the room and bring everything – and everyone – together. Here is our definitive guide to funeral flowers. 

How Big of an Arrangement Should I Buy? 

Based on tradition, the closer you are to the person who has passed away, the bigger the arrangement you will want to buy. If you are an immediate family member, you should consider purchasing either a large bouquet, a standing spray, or a wreath. 

A standing spray is a large arrangement of flowers carefully designed and arranged on an easel. Typically, these larger arrangements of flowers are sent by close loved ones and displayed near the coffin or in front of the service room. 

Alternatively, ask your florist to prepare a gorgeous wreath made from flowers to be displayed on an easel. 

Typically, many people will be attending the service, and the person you are there to support may not have time to talk to you at length. That’s why these large floral arrangements are also effective ways to send personalized messages or poems to be included on the accompanying card. This can be a meaningful yet subtle way to express your condolences.

Often, pricing for these larger arrangements is not determined by size but rather by the types of flowers, whether they are in season or not, or whether your florist has the selected flowers on hand.

Even if you are a close family member, don’t feel pressured to buy the largest option. There are many other effective ways to express your condolences. Do not feel as if your arrangement’s size determines how much love you have to offer the grieving family.

Smaller-sized bouquets are more frequently bought by friends, distant relatives, or co-workers. It is perfectly acceptable to send a smaller bouquet to the family’s home instead of directly to the service.

What Types of Flowers Are Most Appropriate for Funerals?

Flowers are used at all kinds of events. For funerals, the most common flowers are as follows:

  • Carnations
  • Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums

Each of these flowers is gorgeous, and each has its own meaning. Depending on the message you are trying to send, you may choose to send one type of flower over another. Or perhaps you would rather make an assortment of flowers. 

Lilies are the most popular flower for a funeral. They symbolize innocence and peace. It is said that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies. These beautiful flowers send the message that whoever has passed on has returned to eternal peace.

Roses, specifically in a dark crimson color, are also appropriate for a funeral. Often, we give roses to show our love and affection. This flower also gives off a fresh scent. 

Lightly colored roses can also be acceptable for a funeral. Anything with a light or airy color is generally well-received. 

In our darkest moments, roses can console us and also remind us that there is still life after death. 

White orchids, such as lilies, represent innocence. White and pink orchids are the most popular colors to choose from. Pink orchids represent grace, while purple orchids represent dignity. 

Chrysanthemums are a more popular choice in many Asian countries. Korea, China, and Japan view chrysanthemums as a symbol of mourning and grief. In Europe, this flower is actually rarely seen outside of a funeral. 

Think carefully about which color you are selecting and if you want to pair a certain meaning with your choice. Otherwise, chrysanthemums are appropriate almost all of the time. 

Carnations are among the common flowers for funerals. Red carnations represent love and admiration. The meaning behind these flowers will never go out of style since, after all, we are trying to express our love for the person who has passed and their family.  

Be sure to check the meaning of a color if you are not sure. For example, pink carnations are a symbol of a mother passing away, so this color may only be suitable in those situations.  

White daisies
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If Not Flowers, Then What?

Having the proper information before purchasing any flower bouquets or bigger arrangements is definitely a good idea to avoid sending anything inappropriate or disrespectful. If the family has requested not to send flowers for the funeral, or your arrangement ends up being too costly for your budget, do not feel you have to send an elaborate bouquet. 

There are many other thoughtful ways to offer your condolences. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. After all, this is supposed to be an event that puts people at ease and provides closure.  

What matters most is being there for our loved ones and showing them support. If you cannot send flowers for the funeral for whatever reason, sending a little something to the family home is still a meaningful gesture. 

Consider putting together a gift basket with some of the family’s most favorite items. Ideas can be personalized but might include: an assortment of teas, candies, candles, cards, or other special items.  

Preparing a nice meal to send to the family is another extremely thoughtful idea. When a family is going through a loss, they do not have the desire to cook or clean. Sending over a homemade meal can put a smile on a person’s face and allow them to have a good meal without any effort. 

Sending a tasty treat such as an edible arrangement is another delicious way to show your sympathy. A fruit basket or sampling of chocolates is always a nice surprise. This can be sent just once or as part of a subscription service that is sent monthly or quarterly. Subscription boxes can also be personalized with various self-care items, treats, teas, or other soothing offerings. This is a gift that can be enjoyed again and again. 

During this dark time, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Sending flowers, a gift basket, or a meal can fill the hearts of our loved ones. Feel good about yourself in knowing you made someone else’s day with one of these kind gestures. 

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