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What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

More than ever, the new form of reputation is the quality of your digital presence. This can operate in better and worse ways, and sometimes a massive online presence is not always the best thing. Multiple public social media accounts, similar usernames and profile pictures can mean that a quick google search can lend access to all opinions you may have voiced in the last few years. Employers will often look to your online presence more diligently to try and ascertain your personality before taking you on as a new hire. After all, someone spouting strange political opinions could cause a red flag. While it might be your legal right to express them, that doesn’t mean they could reflect well on a firm.

Running business matters too. Your personal and business web presence feed into each other to either inform your practical reputation or impede it. There are ways to tailor your digital presence in manners that make sense, and can lend you some added credence online. This also applies to your business or working interests, and they are as follows:

Create An App

We all wish that we could offer a personalized and curated form of who we are. This is the superiority of an app, but of course this does not apply on the individual level. For a business however, mobile app development can be the best way to engage with your clients, as push notifications can alert your customer base of any new developments, items of interest, and things to consider that almost replicates the role of a friendly presence helping them form an opinion of your firm. An app is a digital island on the smartphone of your customer, your digital island, something to take complete pride and ownership of. When it’s working for you and helping a client interact with your firm in targeted ways, you’d be surprised of the positive results that can come.

Private Social Media

On a personal level, it can be very important to adjust your privacy settings. Often, services will allow you to open private accounts, letting you only have your content viewed by those who you deem to be worthy. Of course this might not be foolproof, as you could sometimes gain people access without 100% knowing if they are that verified person they claim to be. Overall exercising restraint and not pouring opinions on social media can work well to inforrm your digital footprint for the better, and you should always assume that your content is in the public domain no matter how private your security settings. This helps you with more sensible and decent expression.

Like Usernames

Remember that like usernames can often spill into google indexed searches. For example, using the same username for a work portal as you do for all your online video game characters and profiles might be easy to remember, but when someone Googles your LinkedIn page and finds nothing but Overwatch content, you might desire to clean up that space a little. Be sure to check for like usernames and stop liberal use of your real name in profiles you are part of.  This helps you curate the professional image you would most like to see.

With these tips, you should find that being a little better at curating your digital footprint comes easy.