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The Top Must See Spots In Bahamas

Located in the Caribbean and southeast of Florida, The Bahamas is one place that everyone would love to visit. With Celebrities Beautiful Cruises, you can visit more than 700 islands in the Bahamas. Some of them have incredible resorts that everyone is dying to tour. However, once in the Bahamas, there are places you would not want to miss visiting.

Here’s a comprehensive list of must see spots in the Bahamas:

The Lucayan National Park

This is a 40-acre piece of land which has been cut out of the Grand Bahama. It offers a wild scenery of the Mangrove swamps and pine beaches. In addition, it also has woven boardwalks that are used by those interested in seeing the wildlife and watching birds. The park has underwater cave systems that are believed to be among the most extensive and most extended into the world. There is also a marketplace that most visitors enjoy shopping from.

The Atlantis Paradise Island

The island has a resort that evokes the Atlantis legend in an entertainment complex, luxury hotel, aquarium and water park. There are over 20 swimming areas and a Lazy River Ride. In the open air pools, swordfish and sharks are swimming.


Nassau is among the renowned cruise ship ports. Some of the Celebrity’s beautiful Bahama cruises dock there. Visitors also enjoy exploring the restaurants and shops found on the Bay Street.

Blue Lagoon Island

Located near Nassau, this is one of the best places to visit in Bahamas. Those that enjoy playing with animals can gladly play with dolphins here.

The Andros Island

Andros is among the largest barrier reefs on the planet. It is a popular destination for snorkeling lovers and divers due to its underwater caves and freshwater blue holes.

Cable Islands

Most people enjoy laying in the white sands of the Cable Beach Island.

The Pink Sands Beach

The beautiful Pink Sands Beach provides an exciting Caribbean experience. The sea waters lap softly at the shoreline, and there are sandbanks a little further from the shore. There are also some sunbeds to rely on. The highlight of its beauty, however, is the pinkish sands that glow gracefully under the sun.

Stocking Island

The island is located off the Georgetown Port. It has beaches and resorts. The beach view is breathtaking.

The Grand Bahama

It is situated in the northeastern region. Tourists can get a view of the locals’ culture. They are also given tour guides who can walk them around and help them to interact freely with the locals. It is a paradise as it is inhabited by 18 bird species which are unique at the Bahamas. For those seeking to know the history of the Bahamas, they can tour old settlements such as William’s Town.

Green Turtle Cay

The island once offered a home to green turtles that lived in the surrounding waters. The village is too tiny such that visitors can tour it in 15 minutes. It has lovely beaches, and for seafood lovers, they can enjoy the lobsters that are sold on the island.


Bimini consists of three islands. A lot of fishing takes place, making some people consider it a fishing capital. It is not far from Florida, and most Americans go fishing in the islands. Tourists enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on the island.

Harbour Island

It is northeast of Eleuthera Island and is among the ancient settlements. The first Bahamian parliament was also located at the Harbour Island. It is known for its pink beaches and stylish resorts. There are also golf carts on the streets. Some of the popular activities include fishing, diving, basking on the beach and snorkeling.

The Bahamas remains to rank among the most coveted travel and holidaying destinations in the Caribbean region. It’s a tropical holidaying destination that a lot of people dream visiting. From its amazing marine wildlife and warm beaches, the Bahamas indeed have more to offer. Everyone who tours the Bahamas should consider these great spots to enjoy their visit wholly.