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From Prospect to Patient: Drawing New Dental Clients with Crawford and O’Brien

The days of hanging a wooden-sign by the front door and waiting for customers to come a-knocking have long gone. The Internet has completely revolutionized the world of marketing and it’s constantly evolving. While many enterprises are taking advantage of the global village, a significant number of dental practitioners have yet to take the plunge. Perhaps it’s because they are uneasy with digital marketing or because they don’t have the knowhow, but it’s likely a combination of both. This is where entrepreneurial duo Crawford and O’Brien come in, because sometimes it’s a job for the professionals.

Digital Marketing Pros


Charles Crawford and Michael O’Brien: Crawford & O’Brien.com

For a dentist, figuring out how to manage digital marketing is daunting, particularly if the practice doesn’t already have a team in place. Setting up an in-house team can be expensive and impractical. A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, is flexible and can maximize a budget due to economies of scale. It can also give the practice time to focus on what it does best; maintain patient’s’ dental health.

Crawford and O’Brien’s agency has been making its mark on the dental marketing industry for several years and already has technological advances on competitors, mainly because they provide marketing solutions most others in the profession are not familiar with, such as SBO. As well as optimizing small and larger businesses, the team are masters of web development and design, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, generating leads and converting visitors to clients. What’s more, they have a track record to prove it.

Standing Out From Other Dental Practices


Not all dental practices are created equal and to be successful, a practice has to stand out from the rest. Crawford and O’Brien are only too aware of this, which is why they meticulously listen to their client’s needs and demands. The first step to developing a brand is to develop an identity.  Charles Crawford spends time with each of his clients to explore the character of their practice and to build on this exclusive embodiment of the business’s core values. When it comes to marketing, the team prefers to think of a company brand rather like a heroic person, one who has a personality and goals. Building long-term relationships with clients is key to ensuring a digital presence capable of adapting along with advances in technology and digital marketing practices.

It’s All About Conversion

cNo matter how attractive a website is and how much traffic it draws, it’s worthless if it isn’t converting visitors into new clients. While a high Google ranking is important for Internet visibility, and it may draw more traffic, this alone is not a guarantee of conversion. Lots of hits and clicks are one thing, but they won’t necessarily become new patients. So what makes a new client pick up the phone and make an appointment? There’s no easy answer, because it is an amalgamation of complex conscious and subconscious ques. Of course, a dental practice website should be attractive and informative. It should have professional, non-stock imagery, reviews, meet the team bios, and simple calls to action. Overall, users should have a positive experience and be able to clearly see what differentiates ones dental practice from the one down the street. Keep in mind, in this mobile age, not everyone uses a computer to search the Internet, which is why a brand’s representation must be ubiquitous – one of excellence.

Maximizing Mobile Presence


With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, it’s surprising how many websites have still not been adapted to mobile devices. This is a sure way to lose new patients. Suppose someone is driving home from work after suffering a toothache all day, they decide they need emergency dental treatment. They pull over, frantically pull out their smart phone and call the nearest mobile friendly dentist’s website. A site that’s not mobile optimized will be unreachable on a phone or tablet, so the prospective new client will move on to a competitor. The shift to mobile is emphasizing earned reviews, as the screen is smaller and less information is simply consumable. Because many dentists fail capturing positive real testimonials, Crawford and O’Brien are there to implement best practices to receive happy public customer reviews, and handle disgruntled, or unhappy experiences privately rather than on public websites such as Google My Business, Yelp and others.

Unleashing the Power of Video


Video builds trust, rapport, and increases the time spent on a website. Promoting a dental practice this way is not only a great way to be seen and heard, it also utilizes existing platforms to showcase services and products. It’s an underused resource for drawing potential clients because only those who love what they do are willing to bare it all, metaphorically speaking to their prospective clients.. As part of their fully loaded web design and development services, Crawford and O’Brien will embed videos created by their clients, or create videos for them. From introductory videos about products and services to tutorial videos explaining how to take care of dental health; connecting on a deeper level with cold traffic instantly warms them up into a hot, exclusive web lead.

Pushing the Boundaries of Thought Leadership


Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas.
– Denise Brosseau

A thought leader in the field of dentistry directs conversations, fosters ideas, and raises awareness. Conveying these traits digitally is a challenge and opportunity for dental practices who embrace new marketing technologies. Crawford and O’Brien are thought leaders in the dental marketing space. Their search engine rankings supersede competitors, but more importantly, their clients are receiving a positive ROI. They have proven skills, experience and connections to push search engine rankings, increase Internet visibility and procure results. All their services are tailored to individual practices, which garners significant monetary returns. With 100% success rate, the agency stands by its word and commitment to its ever-growing client list. For consideration, fill out the client request application on Crawford and O’Brien.