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Top 4 Online Payment Methods for Online Shopping 

Online Payment Methods
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Top 4 Online Payment Methods for Online Shopping  

Online payment became the norm in the last two decades. People prefer shopping online instead of losing their time they could spend elsewhere. Today, there are a number of online payment methods that shoppers can take advantage of. Just find the online payment method’s logo on e-commerce sites, and you know that you can use it to pay for your online services. Today, e-commerce sites accept a variety of online payment methods that clients can choose from. New online payment methods are constantly coming to market that offers extra features in the online payment world.

Online Payment Methods

PayPal remains the most popular online platform for paying online. Whether you use PayPal for PayPal casino or want to pay on eBay or other e-commerce sites, it still remains a popular choice among online shoppers. On the other hand, payment methods like Skrill and Apple Pay have become a new generation of online payment on e-commerce sites offering extra features that clients can take advantage of. What follows are some of the most popular payment choices of today, the features they provide customers with, as well as how you can use them to pay online, so here they are.


Due is a relatively new name in the online payment world. Thanks to their innovative time-tracking and invoicing tools, Due became a popular choice among online shoppers. Customers can shop online at a transaction fee of 2.7%. Global payments take around two days to process. Clients can also take advantage of the e-wallet option that helps you receive or send money within two business days. Most of these transactions come at little or no cost at all. The e-bank option allows customers to store their funds online. All in all, Due offers several features that clients should bear in mind when paying online.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has become a popular choice among online merchants. Transactions using Apple Pay are secure and fast. The platform uses ID confirmation to secure the customer’s transactions. For instance, when ordering pizza, clients can use a fingerprint sensor to pay for it online. Apple is a relatively new online payment method that aspires to overtake the online market. Apple is working on a P2P payment system to integrate into the online transaction processing services.

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Skrill easily became a replacement for PayPal to pay for online services. Thanks to its features like extra fast withdrawals and deposits, the amount of transaction fees, the ability to send messages using your Skrill account, the number of offers it provides customers with, as well as the number of currencies it accepts on this online payment platform, make it one of the top online payment methods to pay for online services. Referring Skrill to a friend means that you get 10% of the total fees returned to your Skrill account.


Stripe became relevant in the online payment world a few years ago. Thanks to the powerful and flexible API, Stripe is easily customizable to meet the client’s specific needs. Stripe is easy to connect with several other applications, and you don’t need to be a professional to know how to use Stripe and connect your Stripe profile with other apps that you use on a daily basis. The account setup process doesn’t take long, and the fact that there aren’t any hidden fees help Stripe grow fast when compared to its competitors.

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