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How to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle After a Gastric Balloon Procedure?

How to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle After a Gastric Balloon Procedure?

One excellent method that has been helping people to take care of their excess weight is the gastric balloon procedure.

The fact is that being overweight comes with a high health risk. Those who are obese are more prone to developing ailments such as osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. That’s not all; it makes the symptoms of COVID-19 worse, which can lead to early death.

Thanks to the innovation of the gastric balloon, patients can now lose lots of weight, especially where other methods have failed. After the procedure, you can live better and longer and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Read on for more information about the gastric balloon procedure and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

About the Gastric Balloon Procedure

This gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgical way of treating chronic obesity. It’s a simple process. Before inserting a flexible tube pre-loaded with the balloon into your stomach. Also, there are cases where the balloon device is swallowed, similar to how a pill is used. This is inflated by the doctor.

The doctor uses a serpentine camera (an endoscope) to inflate a balloon. This assists in the quick and easy inflation of the balloon with saline or gas, according to the model involved. 

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle After the Gastric Balloon Procedure 

Below are four useful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle after a gastric balloon procedure.

Maintain a food diary

This is to record your food and fluid intake. Ensure that you make any remarks you have about your advancement. You can review regularly to help you get the most out of your treatment.

Plan to drink at least 8 cups of liquid every day to keep you properly hydrated and to assist you in preventing constipation. Don’t drink and eat at the same time. This might make you fill up quickly, feel bloated, or vomit. Additionally, ensure that proper diet and nutrition is followed to avoid any further post-surgery complications. Consider availing bariatric meal delivery services for a consistent supply of nutritionally complete meals.

Adequate follow-up and communication 

An expert specialist and a dietitian should complete the assessment of individuals in the pre-application period. A short time later, it is seen that the patients/clients who are not regularly followed up and cut off communication can’t accomplish the ideal outcome since they can’t make the right lifestyle change.

Drink enough water

Water is necessary for life. It also has nutrients. The role of digestion Water and other liquids play cannot be underestimated. Water absorbs food better. It enhances the proper functioning of the organs, tissues, and cells. These are essentials for health and life. Taking enough water helps lubricate your joints and control your body temperature. 

Drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily is advisable for optimal health. If you notice that the color of your urine is dark, that could indicate that you aren’t drinking enough water. After your gastric balloon procedure, make drinking enough water a part of your lifestyle. 

Move more

Increasing your level of exercise and mobility is key after a gastric balloon procedure. No weight loss program won’t includes physical activity. Exercise and mobility help you to manage your weight after dropping it. 

Therefore, make sure that you move regularly. Adding this to a healthy diet delivers the best results. If you can, go for a run after your gastric balloon procedure. That’s a good way to stay fit and in shape over the long haul. 


The gastric balloon procedure will help you shed excess weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after this procedure is the best way to manage your weight in the long run. Drink enough water, eat healthily, and play a sport. Finally, you can try out Spatz3 gastric balloon.