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How to Travel with Your Pets All Over the World

Who doesn’t want to travel the world with their dog? It can truly be a great bonding experience that you and your dog won’t soon forget! Do you have a list of places you want to see that are dog-friendly?

There is much to do and see when you travel the world, especially with your dog. Within this article, we are going explore the things you need to know when you are planning a vacation with your dog, which we will discuss below.


You are going to want to plan months in advance for a trip where you are taking your dog around the world. There are sites out there that will show you the requirements your dog needs to fit before it will be allowed into different countries.

While making sure your dog fits the requirements is a pain, it is not a hard process, and you will be happy that you went through it so you can share a vacation with your dog. Waiting times for the requirements can be hard, however.

For example, some countries require that your dog be micro-chipped. There will be a veterinary certification that is approved by a veterinarian that is USDA approved.

During this time, you will need to know exactly which countries you will be visiting so that you can get the correct paperwork before you depart.


Being prepared is right up there with safety. You want to ensure that you have the best gear possible for you and your dog. The best dog hiking gear can include things like safety vests and dog harnesses, as well as a daypack,a collar and leash.

You must know if your dog is able to fly, as some airlines have certain breeds they will not let aboard. For example, a dog with a short nose may have breathing difficulties while flying. You will want to check with the airline before you book your trip.

Be sure to have the proper amount of food and clean water for your dog, as they will need nourishment, just like you, as you hike. It’s also important that your dog has some toys from a store like https://www.houndgames.com/ as dogs love to play, and you might need a break!

Just like with any other trip, you should have an itinerary and a map or GPS so you can tell where you are. Going on a trip around the world requires a ton of planning, so make a list and check off each item as you complete it.

Check or Carry On

You may be wondering if you should check your dog or carry it on the plane. If your dog is over 25 pounds, then it will be checked in as cargo. If your dog is less than 25 pounds, then you have the option to carry on the pup or to check it as cargo.

If you do plan on checking your dog as cargo, they will absolutely need a carrier to place them in. The carrier should be appropriate in size, where your dog can turn around and be comfortable for the duration of the flight.

You may need to make a reservation for your dog, so you should call ahead and find out what the policy is about reservations for pets.

One more thing about carriers is to be sure they are labeled with your pet’s name, your information and anything else you would deem pertinent should your dog get separated somehow from you.


It will not be cheap to take a vacation around the world with your dog. You should expect your trip to costs thousands of dollars. This will include not only your airfare and lodging, but you will need to be fed as will your dog. You should also have money saved in case of an emergency, as well.

Keep in mind that it can cost $200 or more for each flight with your dog. Keep in mind that there can also be extra expenses along the way. Again, it is not cheap.


Your dog may need certain vaccinations before traveling abroad and you need to make sure they are done before you go or your dog won’t be allowed to travel on the plane to another country.

Having such vaccinations will help prevent your dog from getting any illness that your dog’s body would not otherwise fight off. Your dog should be armed with the proper inoculations so that you don’t find that it has become suddenly ill from any food or water, or even bugs that may be around.

Doing so could save your dog’s life, and at least a lot of pain.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at your first destination, the first thing you will do is pick up your dog from the cargo area, as well as your luggage. Take this time to let the dog relieve him or herself and get them some food and water.  It has been a long trip in a carrier on a plane, so they will want to stretch out.

You can take them for a quick walk or get them to your hotel so you can both rest before gearing up for activities the next day. We also recommend finding a cute dog backpack so he/she can carry their own gear.

Now that you are at your first stop, it is up to you to get out there and enjoy your worldly adventure. Now that you are your dog are well rested after a long flight, you can now get out there and enjoy nature, the sights, and bond with your dog!


Now that you are educated about some of the things you need to know before you and your dog take the trip of a lifetime, you will be most prepared for this. You and your dog will have a wonderful time, as long as you know how your dog will react and handle the outdoors and all of the travel.

Keeping your pet comfortable throughout your trip will make for a happier pet. Don’t forget to take along your camera so you can take photos and record videos to save for the future! Happy travels!

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